Local film music lacks creativity

By Sufyan Nasir Khan

Many factors play their role in upbringing a film to the levels of success for instance good artistic performance, lively direction, good story, quality songs and music. The cause of total failure of Pakistani films lies in the fact that none of these factors exist therein. The film directors have absolute knowledge of the situation but they deliberately do not try to take care of these aspects at all.

Filmmakers in this part of the world do cherish the desire that all their movies be like Indian film 'Devdas', but without putting up in depth hard work and without adequate financing, and above all good music, which is one of the richest attractions for cine-goers. But films made in Pakistan till to date have bad quality background music and above all the picturisation of the songs in wrong situations and on weak characters makes a viewer bizarre. Music is considered to be necessary in Indo-Pak movies, no matter even if it is taken from here and there. The dramatic colours being given to the respective scenes while it also synchronises dialogues with it can affirm the importance of background. In this era of latest technology, music provides special effects, which is more frequent in Hollywood and Bollywood films. Pakistan film industry is unique in respect of not trying to update it's worn out background music library. This department is downtrodden in Lollywood, and most of films made here are studded with noisy voices and most filmmaker's copy the Indian music.

The music effects are also not realistically even at all. The sound of sparrows fleeing out of trees in response to gun shot resembles those of crow. The actor falls before the sound of shot is heard and most of guns seem to be sound proofed and at the arrival of bridal party, the same laughing sounds are heard, which echoed in old films like 'Naila' and 'Janaat'.

The time when Pakistani filmmakers will look into the finesse of their enterprise seems never coming. Such bad mistakes do not happen in the films made by Hollywood for kids. If such stupidities are going to continue then the film industry should change its name to 'Jollywood' instead of 'Lollywood'. The film songs play integral part in the success of a film and special emphasis is given to songs in all films. It is long ago that a spellbinding tune has echoed in Pakistani films. The great artists of the past used to rehearse and meditate and practice all the while but no such things is apparent in today's singers. Resultantly such songs are in the offerings, which damage this art.

The demand of Pakistani films is that each singer should sing uttering songs at the highest pitch he or she has got so that it should cause a shudder in cinema walls. The way the dances are filmed rejects the idea of watching them with family and even liberal TV channels do not dare to show them.

The latest trend is that every filmmaker tries his utmost to include a hit song sung by pop singers. The filmmakers complain of having very few cinema houses, however, with the kind of movies made it seems that the number is beyond requirement. Currently, some filmmakers are receiving the assistance of Indian singers in addition to using locations abroad. This may provide timely profit but it is not the cure for the industry, which is going down the drain. The cure on sole ground to the present ailments of Pakistani film industry is to encourage and explore the young talent and fetch the modern technical assistance and introduce them in the film trade.
Courtsy: Daily THE NEWS