How is life after Devdas?

Work wise it has been good after Devdas. My major film was Jism because it got me lots of awards and lots of critical acclaim-particularly the song ‘jadoo hai nasha hai’-even others like ‘khushiyan and chalo tumko lekar chalein’. Were noticed. This made my foothold stronger. After that there were films like ‘Munnabhai MBBS, Saaya, Main hoon na, Tumsa nahin dekha. Garv, Dhoop, Dhoom.

My kind of song?

It’s difficult to say because I do sing everything happily. If the composition touches your heart somewhere there is great satisfaction in singing it. That’s what I look for-soul because those are the kind of songs that last. The song should be soulful and I should have enough scope to express myself put in something-anything that gives me scope for variety for creativity for imbuing it with emotion-that’s the kind of song we all look for. I like singing.

The little girl has grown up hasn’t she?

Yes you had seen me three years ago when I was just beginning my career. I have always been positive about myself. I have never been timid or shy. I have always been an extrovert but confidence definitely comes with experience and assurance from people around so one grows with time. When I sing in concerts I meet a lot of people. I have audiences coming to listen to my songs-that’s boosts ones confidence. I have matured in that I have begun to understand the film industry, and life and people in general. Many of my friends at this age may not get the experiences that I am getting. So in a small span of time I meet a lot of people I have to handle so many different types of sensibilities, it’s plus point.

Any non-film albums?

Not currently. But I did one called ‘Tera mera pyar’ it was one with various artistes and I had four songs-the song ‘yeh kya hua became popular in that. That album happened accidently. I wasn’t meaning to do it.

How important are live shows?

They’ve always been important our legendary stars too have done shows but their magnitude was bigger, there were live orchestras etc today we perform with the electronic orchestra and for smaller audiences- and one doesn’t earn so much from playback singing so shows are an avenue to earn additional income.

Forthcoming releases?

Parineeta, Rakesh Rosha’s next-a sequel to Koi mil gaya for which a couple of songs have been recorded, there’s Shahrukh’s next production which is being directed by Amol Palekar. Dil maange more has just released Gumnaam, Blackmail etc.

Are there too many singers today?

It’s good-that times have changed. There is a different requirement for every song and a variety of voices to fulfill those requirements. It’s nice that there isn’t the same voice in every song and there is a fresh feel to everything. New voices to suit all age groups are very welcome. All singers are sharing the space and there are different audiences for different styles so that’s a good thing.