sangeet ka safar

Mataji ( The great Mother Goddess ) is the source of power though eternal and extreme, unborn and absolute; yet she has appeared in many forms and figures as she has taken incarnations many times to help the world in difficult conditions.

It is believed that she was there even before the creation of the universe and she is omnipresent and omnipotent!

Nothing in the whole universe is impossible nor anything would exist without Mataji (shakti). Shakti is the energy that exists within all living human beings, animals, creatures and plants.Not even a leaf could move without the permission of Mataji.

It is her that keeps universe going, the earth going round the sun, The sun spreading radiance and the moon spreading light, the wind serving breeze, the clouds showering rain to trees which give cool shelter and every drop of blood that circulates in our body is due to the force of Mataji.

'The Mother is found everywhere, and in all living beings. The true form of the Divine Mother is Creative Energy, Shakti, which is understood in different ways in different countries and times, but in reality, there is no difference, it is one Creative Power. There is nothing beyond Shakti in this world of action. Every action in the world is accomplished through Shaktii!'

She symbolises the feminine power, When there was chaos in the cosmos she took various forms such as Durga and Kali to Kill the demons and defeat the evil and to save the living beings. Even the Gods of the trinity (Bramma, Vishnu and Shiva) went to her at difficult situations.

‘ Her mysterical and miraculous actions are anonymous and anomolous to understand and unpredictable.Even today in Kali yuga ( new age ) whenever there will be evil and difficult times on the Earth she will come to rescue her devotees in any form.’

Not normal people like us but great rishis and munis (sages) have said this!
We do not know exactly how Mataji looked like but the rishis and munis (sages) which existed during the period such as Markandeya and Sootji witnessed her in her female forms and narrated the 'Markandeya Puran' in which there are some detailed discretion of how Mataji must have looked like. From this artists have come up with many many impressions and created many masterpieces of art Even by looking at her beautifully carved sculptures one cannot predict her beauty.Her sculptures and idols installed in thousands of temples in India and worldwide where thousands of devotees flock to seek her blessings.

She plays in the souls and bodies of Bhuvas (one who becomes possessed by Mataji ) and the hearts of devotees, she looks upon who ever believes in her with love and faith and worships her with the mind body and soul, she talks to those who speak to her, she comes closer to those who call out to her, she appears in front of those who meditate upon her, she installs herself where ever her hymns (bhajans and garbas ) are sung. It is up to us to realise. This can only be obtained when one is free from Kama (love), Krodh (anger), Lobh (proud) and Moha (lust) and who surrenders their life to Mataji.
She is in us - her shakti (energy) is which makes our 5 senses work, therefore one should see her in all living beings and help every living being to seek her blessings.

It is believed that when Mataji came on earth in a female form as Sati (consort of Shiva). When her father Daksha insulted lord Shiva, Sati was so upset that she could not bear it,by her force and energy she blazed her own body into flames. When lord Shiva was carrying her burning corpse taking away from earth, some parts of the fire fell onto the earth, wherever that fire fell that part turned into a Shakti peeth (pilligramage point).

Up until today she has performed many miracles. Wherever there has been a miracle that place has turned into a holy pilgrimage spot.

Thus Mataji is the supreme and immortal Shakti (everlasting power) which was there even before the creation, it is still omnipresent today and will always exist even after the destruction of the universe.

Ya devi sarva bhoothe shu shakti roopena sansthita namastasyaye namastasyaye namastasyaye namo namaha!