My mother tongue is Kannada. I have a good collection of fine songs in Kannada, Hindi and English. I also have many beautiful tunes sung in almost all the other Indian languages. I do not understand what these songs say, but I enjoy their enchanting music nevertheless.

I realize that there must be hundreds of songs in these languages which are as good as the songs which I have. I would love to listen to them, if only I could find them. I am sure that there are many HF members who share this desire of enjoying music composed for movies of other languages.

So I am opening threads in all the languages offered on HF and requesting members to upload, say, 15 of the best melodies in that language. If anyone wants to upload more, I will not complain! Since these threads are meant mainly for members who can not speak that language, I request that the uploads be based only on their musical quality.

Please go ahead and upload your choice of the top 15 tunes in Malayalam.

My selection for the 15 top tunes in Kannada can be found at the thread:

Hamara Forums > Music > Regional Music > Kannada > Top Tunes In Indian Movies - Kannada