The Tamil film "VanDicholai chinnarasu" with music by A R Rahman was apparently dubbed in
Telugu as "Bobili paparayaDu". I have not been able to find the music for this film anywhere
and was hoping that somebody on HF had the CD or cassette.
I am on a mission to have all A R Rahman songs made in any language and am making good
progress, but this particular is proving to be elusive.

The thing about these dubs is that they often have different singers in different languages.
For example, the song "Jiya jale jaan chale" from Dil se is sung by Lata. The Tamil equivalent
is by S Janaki, but the Telugu version (I found out over this weekend) is by Chitra. So it is
often fun to see how different singers render the song.

I am going to post this in the Tamil forum as well to see if anybody there has it.