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Full Version: Dd Serial Himalay Darshan
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Paresh Pai
Himalaya Darshan was a 13 episode serial, however it essentially turned out to be of 39 episodes. The first run of 13 episodes dealt with the Western Himalayas, with stories from the Kashmir, Ladhakh and higher up and west. Of the various stories the one I easily recall involved a film crew going on an expedition about the mysterious Snowman 'Yeti' and what happens when they finally see one. The second run of this exciting serial was based in the Central Himalayas. In one of the best episodes, a man while looking for his herd of sheeps ventures deep into the Kailash-Mansarovar territory. The man does not believe in god and ends up meeting Lord Shankar in disguise. The fellow accompanies lord Shankar to mount Kailash and spends 7 days with him. Finally after seven days when he returns back to his village, he realizes that its not 7 days but 700 years that have passed.
In yet another brilliant episode, Rama Vij's car breaks down near a Buddhist monestary and the monks does not allow her inside the monestary as women are not allowed there. What follows in short is that Rama Vij while sleeping in her car sees an old monk who later as we find out died long ago. Later in the morning, the monks tell her about the prevelant legend that the spiritual guru who founded this monestary still roams around and can be viewed only by the purest of souls.
The last run of this serial covered the Eastern Himlayas. I recall a story about the legendary tale of tracing the complete course of river Brahmaputra. A brilliant episode that told the story of the legendary character of 'Pundit' who seemingly was the first person to locate the source of the river, how the mystery of Tsangpo and Brahmaputra was solved and more.

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Here is the the brilliant title music by Serbjeet Singh (

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Erum Hashmi
Thanks a lot, Paresh!
I'm having a few episodes of Himalaya Darshan biggrin.gif
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