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Full Version: Rabindra Sangeet - Instrumental
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I grew up listening to the tunes of Rabindra Sangeet by V Balsara. The music of Do Re Mi (Sound of Music) from an LP - V Balsara and his Singing Sitars still ring in my years.
Did I love this composition more than the actual song from Sound of Music ? Maybe:) because Do Re Mi on the Sitar sounded so much more beautiful and melodious smile1.gif

Unfortunately none of these LPs play given the condition of the record player itself / and the PIN of the player. And sadly all these LPs now lie untouched sad1.gif and all those treasures unheard.

Thankfully the record companies do, once in a way release these long lost treasures. Here is one such treasure of lovely intrumental music of Tagore's songs ...

I wondered which would be the right forum to post these links as these are instrumental compositions. Chose finally to post them on the Bengali forum as the most apt one smile1.gif

The albums

Klanti Amar Kshama Karo

Includes the Tagore melodies Anandaloke Mangalaloke, Klanti Amar Khoma Karo, Tumi Robe Neerobe...

Shades of Tagore Melodies

Includes Ei Monihaar, Purano Shei Diner, Mone Ki dwidha..
Bhavita..I am a big fan of instrumental music. Every string has it's little nuances..time has come for me to dust those albums i have stowed away since a long time.. laugh.gif
Thanks for uploading on third party is very generous of you. smile1.gif
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