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Full Version: Today Is O. P. Nayyar Saab's Birthday!
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Today is the Birthday of Late O.P.Nayyar Saab!

I pray to God to give his soul peace and comfort in the heavens!

From this morning, my favorite Radio station, Vividhbharati, is so full of O.P.Nayyar and his songs!

On this occasion, in solemn memory of the great man, let me upload one Rafi-Asha duet!!

"Jaan-e-Jigar, Yun Hi Agar, Hota Rahe Ishara Tere, Armaan Bhare Dil Ke Liye, Saathi Hai Yeh Sahara Tere"--Film:Mujrim (1958)--Lyrics:Majrooh Sultanpuri--MD:O.P.Nayyar Saab--Rafi & Asha

Click to view attachment

160 kbps--03:04

This is one of his Asha-intensive songs, with a little lesser role for Rafi Saab! rolleyes.gif

Observe how beautifully O.P.Nayyar Saab uses that electric-guitar (or is it electric Sitar????)!!

Picturised on Shammi Kapoor and Raagini!

QUOTE(venkat @ Jan 16 2010, 01:04 AM) *


Today is the Birthday of Late O.P.Nayyar Saab!

I pray to God to give his soul peace and comfort in the heavens!


Thank you very much Venkat for reminding us of OP's birthday. A great music maker who filled many a hearts with endless joy and still contines to do so. He will be in our thoughts forever.

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sangeet ka safar one time more . bhgwan hi tera shara
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PhirWohiDilLayaHoon1963_____2__Band... (5.66 MB)
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Kashmir_Ki_Kali__1964____03HaiDuniy... (4.35 MB)
Kashmir_Ki_Kali__1964____05KahinNaK... (4.67 MB)
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Kashmir_Ki_Kali__1964____07Subhanal... (3.1 MB)

sangeet ka safar thanks to god u/ here and here list time every song

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Phir_Wohi_Dil_Laya_Hun____3_PHIRWOH... (4.17 MB) 128/44 kbs 3.17 min

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Kashmir_Ki_Kali__1964____05KahinNaK... (4.67 MB) 5.11 min

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Kashmir_Ki_Kali__1964____07Subhanal... (3.1 MB) 3.26 min

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many member have request song , take time wait wait net from hf site not good .2010
new year gift hain
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