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Full Version: How To Get Continuous Speed In Internet Connection??
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The speed of my internet connection is very good. But one major prob that I am facing now a days....that is suddenly it is getting stuck in the middle of downloading or uploading any bigger files like 10 or 20 MB. I observed that it breaks up in the middle frequently....about after every 2-3 mins. And it is so disgusting...that I cannot download or upload any bigger file inspite of having a good connection. I talked to the ISP persons. But they are telling that the connection is OK. If they ping my is pinging and showing the connection is OK.

Pls suggest me that which software I have to use to get the continuous speed. I have used Internet Download Manager even. But while downloading from Rapidshare, Mega Upload and all which I mostly use.....they don't allow this type of downloading through any third party software. There you have to download the file directly. I need one software which will not let the internet disconnected...even not for a second.

Will expect real fruitful solution.

short answer: bitTorent.

Long answer: website is timing out because it is loosing contact with your machine
either thru distance or much traffic. The way downloaders work is buy re-connecting
and resuming the downloaded but it doesn't matter if webServers disable this feature
for speed reason. If you pay for rapidshare then you would be able to have that feature.

Glib answer: May be Indian government is blocking access to illegal downloads. All that speed
and you can't download all the free porn, life is just not fair.
Subir...once i had this problem. It baffled me to no end..If you are using Windows Xp..then there might be a hitch in OS itself..Try Flashget software instead of internet download a last resort. If it doesnt rectify..I strongly recommend that you repair / re-install XP. then there might be the software clash issue also..have you installed any software, just before the problem started??? if so, just uninstall it..and try again. smile.gif
Thanks a lot Venkatji for your valuable suggestion. I will download and install Flashget. Can u pls tell me that does it allow to download the rapidshare files without any interruption??

This prob I am facing since I took the connection. This prob may not be for any other installed softwares. Still I will check it and let you know.

Thanks again.

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