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Full Version: Mp3 Cutter/splitter/joiner
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No-Loss MP3 Cutter


( This is mainly in response to Phool's query.. but may be useful to many.. so made a new thread )

Every music fan has to deal will Mp3.. it has changed the world of music.. especially music sharing.
But Mp3 has got a basic problem.. it is a lossy compression process.
You can cut, copy, edit, WAV files as many times you like.. the song quality is intact. But not with Mp3. Once a file is saved as Mp3, you can not do anything with that without further loosing it's quality.
Everytime you press 'save as Mp3', you loose a little quality, whatever may be your bit-rate.

For example, you start with a 128K Mp3 file, save as 160K. Open that 160K file and save as 192K. By the time you reach 320K, your file has lost a lot of quality, even if you have always improved its bit-rate.

It happens like this, because none of the audio softwares handle Mp3 as Mp3 directly. When you open a Mp3 it actually decodes/expands the Mp3 in Wav-like format in the background (in temporary memory) and presents the expanded version on screen for you to work with. This expanded version contains the same quality of the Mp3, and if you save the result as Wav, the quality will remain unaffected. But the moment we save it as Mp3 again, it further reduces the quality and generate a new saved Mp3 file with lesser audo-data.

So even if you just cut a Mp3 file, or you join two files.. you always get a worse file in hand, though the loss may be less apparent in simple audio systems.


There is no audio software, as of today that I know of, that can edit a Mp3 file without loss, but there is a nice and easy to use handy FREE tool to cut and join Mp3 without touching the data-part. Of course with this tool you can not do anything else, like changing volume, or increase/decrease bit-rate.. as those functions need expanded data to work with. But with this tool, you can cut and rejoin as much as you like with no data loss.

Here is the link of that No-Loss Mp3 Cutter.

or you may also download from


Thank you Amit, i will try.

I recommend goldwave as a good mp3 editor. I find it quite good. (the mp3 encoder has to be got separately). has it available as trial version.

It is possible to put markers at both end and cut paste to new files which is quite easy. I have it installed even on my linux system its so useful. (although version is a bit older but thats not an issue).
whats about audacity-win-1.2.6?

QUOTE(yogihit @ Apr 20 2009, 03:01 PM) *

whats about audacity-win-1.2.6?


Audacity is also a nice FOSS audio editor. It should be possible to do the same here as well.
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