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Full Version: Complete Transcript Of The Chat With Shreya
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There was Shreya's chat scheduled at 5 PM today on sify. I completely forgot about it. Here is the complete chat transcript.

ysnsbam asks Hi Shreya, who is ur inspiration and role model in ur career?
Shreya says Lataji is my inspiration as a singer, my dad as the person to look upto and Sanjay Leela Bhansali who is my godfahter.

loverboy11001 asks Hi Good Evening
Shreya says Hello

ysnsbam asks what wld have been Shreya if not she had been selected as Singer? How do u see urself among the todays singers that come in plenty and live a short life in their careers? do u think that this will sustain for long time or a short period?
Shreya says I have been in this industry for quite some timenow. I do around 2-3 sonogs a day and check it once it is recorded. I believe in quality work and I put in my 100% in all the songs that I sing.

abhishek asks hi how ru...?
Shreya says I am fine, Thank you.

shameem010 asks hi,how u fell when u got national award
Shreya says It felt very nice. It was my first song for a film. I was very humbled by the entire experience. I would look at it as a blessing of god.

prathap_msn asks ur cute and very talented so when will you in the movies i want to see u as a actress -siger in a film which is directed by mani ratnam or ram gopal verma
Shreya says I not into acting at all. I am a singer and performer but not an actor. I have practiced my heart out for singing but I dont think I can act. Looks cant decide your acting skills.

prakash.karkera asks Dear Shreya, Do you think you would have been a strong candidate for the Indian Idol contest which is going on at Sony TV. Regards, PRAKASH
Shreya says hmmmm I am not very happy with the programme. Very good singers have been rejected based the votes. Such programmes should be based on merit. I dont have that kind of regard for the programme.

prernasaxena82 asks hi shreya its wonderful that u have abundance of talent ..i just wanted to know what it takes to get into the right kind of a career
Shreya says Follow ur heart, it is difficult to take a decision. I am from an upper middle class. My parents were very supportive after I proved that this is the one field that I want to follow.

vimal_vaghela asks May i know your favourite color?
Shreya says Black

mindshare asks Hi Shreya I like ur voice very much, you have a very clear and indeed sweet voice. I want to ask you do you feel insecure in this world of competition where now many channels are hosting lots of competition?
Shreya says NO i m not. I have never been insecured about anything. I am not attached to anything, I just do my work with 100% decication. As long as i have my fans I am not insecured about anything.

mindshare asks Who do u idolize in classical music
Shreya says Kishori Amonkar and Rashid Khan

venkatesh04 asks whats ur most loving dish?
Shreya says Hot dishes, Andhra Pradesh and Thai food.

n_ignou asks hai shreya,its nilesh. whats the reason behind your amazing voice
Shreya says I dont know, there is no hand of urs, it is god's gift. I have just groomed it.

vimal_vaghela asks your best actor?
Shreya says Tom Cruise

perky2003 asks Hi shreya what is your latest release and which is your favourite number
Shreya says Dhoom, Tumsa Nehi Dekha, Dil Maange More, Blackmail and Gumanaam are the movies lined up.

venkatesh04 asks what kind of boys u like?
Shreya says People who are intelligent and has a sense of humour.

haiitsraj asks what is ur hobbies
Shreya says Reading, listening to music, planning out trekking.

ysnsbam asks how do u look urself in the mirror everyday morning when u get up
Shreya says A see a lot of messy hair, and then i feel: this is the girl who is already late for recording, so better go and get dressed.

amitkalla asks Among all the songs sung by you which u like the most
Shreya says Jaddo hai Nasha

shameem010 asks whts ur future plan
Shreya says I dont plan, i live in seconds. I just plan to sing and sing and sing.

ysnsbam asks Tell us abt ur family and what do u feel like ur greatest achievement in life?
Shreya says My mom, dad and younger brother who is 13. Our family is very closely bonded. My mom or dad accompanies me when I go for recording. Family is a part of all the decisions. There is quite a lot of things yet to be achieved. `Devdas` was an achievement.

arnab_mukherji asks hi shreya what is your favourite dress?
Shreya says If i have to wear formal i go for raditional INdian dress if not i go for a simple Jeans and t-shirt.

d_banerjee_iway asks Hi Shreya, What is your most loving childhood memory you cherish?
Shreya says So many of them. I was bron and brought up in Rajasthan on the banks of Chambal river. I used to spend my time roaming around, I was a naughty kid, a vagabond and never prim and proper.

bala_bits05 asks your performance is siply superb.why not u try to tamil cine field?
Shreya says I have sung in Pitamahan, Virumaandi, Vasoolraja.

ysnsbam asks shreya, can u tell is it possible for the ordinary singers to become a classical singer all of a sudden?
Shreya says There is an age for learning. Once u grow old it is difficult to mould your voice. Voice is god's gift. Put in hard work and anything is possible.

reddy_geeta asks how many films u doing right now
Shreya says Every day i m working. I dont know how many of them will be relased. But i am singin for `Parinita, Koi Mil Gaya part II and in SRK's next home production.

badjate_anuj asks u are properly from which city?
Shreya says I am a Bengali, I was in Rajasthan till 8th and then shifted to Mumbai. Now I am settled here.

pkdas asks Hi this is PK. from whom u learn the music
Shreya says My mom, Mahesh Chandra Sharma, Kalyanji uncle of Kalyanji-Anandji and Miss Mukhta Bhite

johnny_rahman asks shreya y don't u work for a r rahman
Shreya says Coz i dint get a chance. But i have worked with him in the song `Alakina Alake Askava`.

tps_niraivu2003 asks shreya did u knoe tamil
Shreya says No I cant speak nor do i understand.

nicenpe asks what is ur like and dislike
Shreya says I like good fragrances, speaking to honest people, humour, lot of activity (adventourous), a good novel and intelligent topics. I harldy dislike anything, except people who are hypocrites.

vikalp_1972 asks Hi shreya, as per current status tell me your views about Exposure of actress?
Shreya says I've been singin for them. They have to do it as people want it. If there is a need for the same in the subject matter of the film, it is okie. Otherwise there is a beauty in hiding what needs to be hidden.

abhi10th asks shreya sorry, i am late ?HAPPY NEW YEAR 2005,and my best wishes for your bright and dynamic future...!
Shreya says Thank you.

bala_bits05 asks Do u like Tamil Nadu? did u come her?
Shreya says I do love the place. I like the climate of TN...... the Saravana food. People are very systematic, professional and organised. The whole atmosphere is very inspiring.

mahendra_mk asks hi shreya how ru and what is ur future plans and do u have any boy friends(lover)
Shreya says No i dont have any as of now. aand i am very happy to lead my life as it is. I have a lot of friends but no lover.

scsons4 asks want to hear in bengali films also, so pls dont forget BENGAL
Shreya says Not at all. I am singing in Bengali also, very soon the songs will be out.

choudhuryashok@sify. asks Hi Shreyaji what is your suggestion for relief to Tusnami vicitms.
Shreya says I just wish there is some clean way of helping them, without any corruption. Give your pesonal things, just donate whatever you can

marketingpoint asks Shreya, I wish you all the best in 2005. May God give shower her all blessings on you
Shreya says Same there.

reachhusain asks How much do you adapt your voice to the actress you are singing for? Is this one the most challenging aspects of singing for Bollywood movies?
Shreya says For me i do not change my voice, i might do it minutely. I just go for the right emotions.

singhal_kk asks My whole famile like u r voice.... U hv really amazing voice..
Shreya says Thank you.

johnny_rahman asks shraya how did u feel when u san for rahman in telugu/tamil film
Shreya says It was fun, he is a genius, I wish i get more chances to work with him.

nagendracsc asks Shreya, I am expecting more songs to be sung by you in Telugu. You have created rage among people with your couple of songs in Telugu. Esp with the song in Okkadu. By the way which is your favourite song?
Shreya says I have sung quite a lot of Sings in telugu. I dont remember most of them.

rao1948 asks ms.shreya how ru singign in so many languages. ru sure of the meaning of those songs lyrics.
Shreya says I dont try to get the meaning word by word. I just go for an overall jist. Go for the feel of the music and you cant go wrong.

singhal_kk asks So Shreya?? when r u plaaning to perform in Kota?
Shreya says Well i was supposed to do it this yearbut something went wrong. I'll definitelty perform the next chance i get.

manishyadav17 asks hi SHREYA !! Firstly a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to u and ur family.
Shreya says Thank you, same to u.

sanandmishra asks hi shreya...i want to ask u that how would u like to help the tsunami victims by the medium of ur industry.
Shreya says There are quite a lot of charity shows, and if my music can be of use to them I will definitely perform

rasadhuni1 asks What d U think about RD Burman? and solo songs of Kishore Kumar
Shreya says Pancham da is the most beloved in the music industry. We reallly misss him. I love `Bahom me Chale Aa` of Kishoer Kumar and the whole world miss them a lot, so do I.
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