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Full Version: Cristiano Junior Collapses..
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Dempo striker dies on field


BANGALORE: Tragedy struck the final of the 26th Federation Cup football championship on Sunday. Dempo won the match 2-0 but lost its star striker Cristiano Junior moments after he scored his second goal against Mohun Bagan, a goal which turned out to be his last.

The Brazilian player collided with Mohun Bagan goalkeeper Subrata Pal and crashed to the turf.

For a few moments it looked as if the Dempo player was merely celebrating his victory.

Indications that things were amiss came when referee Maheshwaran Balu frantically signalled for medication and also signalled for an ambulance. The match came to a halt as the doctors of Hosmat Hospital, present on the field, rushed to assist.

Mohun Bagan forward and Cristiano’s close friend, Roberto Mendes Silva, immediately offered mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

In seconds, Cristiano was surrounded by players on-field, Dempo coach Armando Colaco and players from the Dempo bench, All India Football Federation Secretary Alberto Colaco as well as officials of the Karnataka State Football Association, police officials and ball boys.

In the general melee, desperate efforts were made to get fresh air to Cristiano as some players even took off their shirts and fanned the air. It took more than five minutes before he was finally lifted into the ambulance and rushed to the hospital. Coach Armando travelled with him. Fate, however, had played a crucial card. Cristiano was declared brought dead.

sad1.gif yes I had read that on ndtv yesterday. Really shocking!!
Just 25 years old. I was so upset to read it last morning.. There are more reports on this.. even they have blamed the bangalore traffic to have delayed taking the player to the hosp on time.

things tht r blamed r:
1)the goalkeeper was at fault as he hit him deliberately on the chest whn the ball was on the ground.
i dn't think so becos seeing the replay its difficult 2 comment it was intentional becos both were on the move.And moreover junior was a gem of a guy who dn't hv many enemies...very soft spoken.I spoke 2 him while flying bk frm sing 2 cal aftr the asean cup match at sing.
2)there was no proper medical facilities availbl in kfa stadium which can b.Injections like decathron(hope my spelling is correct) which r life sabving shld hv been there.the same incident happnd in vietnam last yr in asean cup where debjit ghosh a ebengal player laid unconscious aftr hit on the head.but he was saved because there was a doctor in the team who gave him tht injection.

But according 2 doctors in bglr junior died in the field itself before any medication cld take place.Medical science says in a maximum span of 3 mins 1 has to b medicated in these cases otherwise survival chances r very less.

I dn't agree with 1 section which comprises of baichung bhutia also tht te goalkeeper subrata pal shld b blamed and b banned.My dear football is a body contact game and these tackles can happen.But yes the facilities need 2 b upgraded...thts for sure.

We lost a very very very good human being & I really feel so bad for Juliane his wife who is expecting a baby also.God bless all of them.
O god, I didnt know he was married. It must be shocking and devastating for his wife.

The goalkeeper has been suspended and further enquiry is on. I too thought he must have died on the spot - must have had a massive MI.

Real sad!

2 to 3 minutes of Anoxia is sufficient for Brain Death. The heart stops in 5 minutes. It is easy to say, in the heat of the moment, but that is what differentiates a good sportsman from a bad one. For the want of a goal, a life was lost. Who else is to blame but for the Mohum Bagan goal keeper? It is obvious from the TV replay that he made the tackle when the ball had already shot past, he was heading straight for the player, not the ball. At the least he should be banned for life. Even this won't be suffice, nothing can compensate loss of a precious life. May the departed soul R.I.P.
catch bhai dn't pass a judgement of banning for life based on a tv replay.
why shld the goalkeeper b blamed?the gk was in motion so was the the last line of defence the gk always try 2 cover more space so tht the ball dn't pass thru....& when in motion its difficult 2 control ............the way gk moves 2wards the player 2 thwart him from coming forward it always looks as if he is aftr the player...but my dear the gk is the only player allowed 2 use any part of his body in football mtch....hence the agression 2 save the ball frm entering the goal.

may i knw?
1)why shldn't the concerned federation b banned for lack of facilities?
2)why shld any action nt b taken on the state association for lack of facilities?
3)why shld the clubs b nt taken 2 task for nt keeping a doctor?
4) why was junior played when he sustained a serious head injury in the match before for which he was nt 100% fit which may hv led 2 this mishap?

now the poor gk is visctimised for all these mistakes commited by these guys.poor chap.
Jayant Bhai,
This is not the first time that this goal keeper was involved. There have been complaints earlier against this same individual, in one incident he is shown literally to come from behind jumping & kicking into a melee. No action was taken against him. It is easy to gloss over the attitude of such players & justify it by irrelevant technicalities when someone else's life is involved. If he is not banned for life, then at a future point of time maybe someone else's life may be at stake. It's hard to digest the point that the GK is innocent & the whole thing is only part of the game. Only stringent action will set an example in preventing such unfortunate episodes. Talking about facilities, do you see anything of the sort in the country be it a road accident or any such mishap. There is a total callous approach to all such issues. Human life is the cheapest commodity in the country.
Poor Goal Keeper? it looks like he died not Junior.
catch bhai,
1st of all ur datas r nt correct.
The incident where he got involved is the one in the durand final where it became a free for all & he also was 1 of them.But strangely the authorities didn't atke any action on any player.That has nothing 2 do with the incident in the game in fedratn cup.
If u urself hv ever plyed the game or hv some knwldge of the game ...the gk is the last line of defence,& he is empowered to use any part of his body in stopping a when he charges 2 an attacking forward it always look as if he is charging on the man like wht happens in a rugby match....but thts not so becos 2 cover more area so tht the ball dn't slip thru he charges with his hands open & in full thrust.Now if u hv seen tht clipping both the guys were on move in an opposite direction & in motion....though the ball was on the field the gk knew if he jumps on the ball the forward will just place it or dribble past him....instaed he wanted 2 block the guy frm further entering but tht proved 2 b a blow which was shown on tv which was never intentional.
Coming 2 junior u just hv heard of his name....i knew him personaly....he was 1 of the best sweetest footballer i hv ever come across.So I hv all sympathies for him,his wife who is also pregnant.Saying poor to the gk its nt tht I am trying 2 glorify the gk but I am trying 2 identify or pinpoint tht he is becoming a victim of the circumstances where lot of other big fish r involved who shld b taken 2 task.

now if u say our country is full of callous poor facilities then why compalin and ask for this guy's punishment when instead of protesting on these issues u r just volunteering that our country has this attitude.
Empowered to use all parts of his body does'nt give him a license to kill. Anyway you are entitled to your opinion. It's a free world
my dear catch bhai do u think the gk had an intention of killing junior?? If u think so I can't take this discussion any further.There is a word named "accident" which only took place.
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