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Full Version: Howzzat For No Cricket..........
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The IPL series are redefining cricket.And the most wonderful thing is that the marriage
of Bollywood with Cricket is pulling in a whole new segment of audience who thought a run was
something you did to get rid of last night's Chocalate Mousse.......

" You should have been there.What a show it was" moaned my friend in delayed ecstasy.She just
couldn't get over the pageantry of the match in Bangalore."there was this sexy number strolling
around in a plastic bubble - how did she get in there?" This existentialist problem,she told me
kept her awake all night.It also made me feel very left out for having missed it all...

" I didn't know that you were interested in cricket" I said.

She emitted yet another squeal from having the time release ecstasy capsule popping yet another
globule in her being."I wouldn't miss it for the world. I actually saw Juhi Chawla in the front row.
And she was wearing this designer outfit to die for."

"Good for you" I said feeling very deprived...

"And SRK himself.he was looking straight at me at one point.He did this Jig every once in a while and
it was quite something I tell you"

"Sound Great" I said wanting to crawl into a hole and weep for having missed it all....

" You should have seen the laser show in the sky.It was something i will remember all my life" said
my friend " and i believe you" I said , " but how was the Game?"

"The way they brought the players in.......oh so dramatic.then there was this man on stilts and people
on a rope" she gushed.
"Tell me about the opening Batsmen......who went in first?" "Did i tell you about the cheerleaders who
flew in from Washington? i wonder how they wear all those itsy bitsy things in winters. fully clad
cheerleaders are just not effective " she gushed some more.....

"How did Ganguly play?"

" Ganguly who?" she said dismissively. " I was watching the VIP stand with my binoculars. You should
have seen the FIVE carat diamond that flashed every time Vijay Mallya turned his head.And Gauri Khan's
dress must have been a couple lakhs.I think they were all sipping champagne from Waterford glasses.
" Fancy that! " I said trying not to sound so envious." Someday you can tell your grandchildren that
you saw all these stars close up".

Her Time release capsule popped yet another globule."And the players Uniforms - All Designer i am
told. All the Players had Cosmetic dental Surgery to enhance their victory smiles."

" Which team did you cheer for? You being a Bong and living in Bangalore?" What team? I cheered
for SRK every time he came on the screen and flicked his hair".

"Wonderful", I said, " I appreciate your priorities.How did Rahul play?" That stumped her for a moment.
"I didn't know Rahul Gandhi played cricket"
"Rahul Dravid , our own homegrown hero.How did he score?'" " Score? What score?"
"How many runs did he make?" " Oh , Runs!" she said "I did not see the match, i was watcing the

And so the Cricket carnival rolls on. More Masala Less Game.So who is complaining??

(as told by Sadiqa peerbhoy to Mid day)
laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Trust me, it is an excellent portrayal of what is happening out there...Star studded Circus !!
I still cant believe that they have cheerleaders there man. And they're not even Indian (the few that I seen) most are goriyan... American market isnt gonna open up 4 IPL easily.
QUOTE(YaarMere @ Apr 28 2008, 07:14 AM) *

I still cant believe that they have cheerleaders there man. And they're not even Indian (the few that I seen) most are goriyan... American market isnt gonna open up 4 IPL easily.

With Dollar on slide, where do you think they gonna head? Mallaya has lot of money. He "imported" Washington Redskin's cheerleaders.
And so the Cricket carnival rolls on. More Masala Less Game.So who is complaining??

It's all about money, sport along with BCCI has money hence the IPL.
‘Replace cheerleading by bhangra’.... tongue1.gif

Mumbai:Shiv Sena executive president Uddhav Thackeray has suggested ‘bhangra’ as an alternative to cheerleaders in the IPL’s T20 cricket fest. ‘‘The Punjabi ‘bhangra’ can lend a robust charm to cricket matches. It will enhance public’s celebratory mood too,’’ Uddhav told reporters.

In an informal chat, he reiterated his party’s opposition to cheerleaders. ‘‘The manner in which semi-clad girls keep shaking their limbs is in bad taste. Instead, the BCCI should opt for Indian dances — ‘bhangra’, for instance. The rustic Punjabi dance will add glamour quotient to the match and also sum up the public’s celebratory mood’’.

Uddhav’s reply to a question pertaining to Pakistan’s participation in the IPL matches indicated a Sena climbdown on the controversy. Speaker, Dasgupta in war of words over IPL Mohua Chatterjee


New Delhi:
The raging IPL fever reached Parliament on Tuesday with CPI leader Gurudas Dasgupta protesting against the Twenty20 format, saying that it had turned cricket into a “gambling sport”.
As Dasgupta rose to speak on “something different”, a full House gathered to pass the government’s finance bill sat back and listened in great mirth.

What followed was the most entertaining 10 minutes — Dasgupta’s speech was enriched by Speaker Somnath Chatterjee’s interesting interjections that not only added spice but revealed the true colours of the two leaders as far as 20/20 cricket is concerned.

Clearly, Dasgupta and Chatterjee were on opposite sides of the divide. Just as CPM is opening up to market forces (SEZs and all else), Chatterjee, a veteran partyman, seemed to have moved with the change in mood and accepted the short-format cricket. But, in keeping with his party’s more rigid stand to political change, Dasgupta held on to the fact that 20-20 cricket should be shunned.

Daspupta’s contention: “The great game played by the likes of Don Bradman has been reduced to a tabloid version of cricket.” To that, Chatterjee, said, “So? Many people are going to watch it...”

Dasgupta retorted, “That is the tragedy... that is what I am saying. It is all about money, not cricket, the idea is borrowed from US, UK and Australia.” Cutting in, Chatterjee said, “Cricket... it has nothing to do with America!”

Unconcerned, Dasgupta went on, “Sharad Pawar is responsible for this. Eight cricket teams have been purchased like cattle in the market. Rs 4,000 crore spent... cricket is being taken over by wine merchants, airline barons and industrialists.”

And then came his questions, “Where are the funds coming from? Should cricket lose its nobility? Should gambling and betting be allowed in such an open manner.”

The verbal jousting between the Speaker and Dasgupta went on for a couple of more minutes only to the delight of the House, with Chatterjee telling the CPI leader, “Afraid of you, the finance minister has fled.” And as soon as Dasgupta had finished, finance minister P Chidambaram returned to his seat.

Dasgupta retaliated by saying, “I used to play cricket.” The Speaker, however, had the last word, asking, “Why did you not continue?” The House had a good laugh before taking up the serious issue of the finance bill...

Ambarish Mishra | TNN
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