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Full Version: Some Data Sets (regarding Conspiracy)
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Hi, I am a new member.

I think there has been conspiracies against KS, but not from industry, but from media. Todays media is known for manipulating everything. Today you can purchase journalists and film-critics with money. If you want, I can give examples.

Regarding the question of being a legend, yes he is legend. The dictionarical meaning of 'legend' surely suggests that, one becomes legend based on popularity (not on poularity in media, but the poularity among mass majorities), which Kumar Sanu indeed has.

I wanted to re-discuss the closed topic only to give you some evidences of the Mass Popularity of KS. Just go through the following datas on Audio-Sales -

No other singers of TODAY, except Alka and Udit, has been able to manage that much of bulk sales.

You must agree that, opinion of mass majority is more important than, some 10 or 12 media-people and award-juries, to become a legend.

Regarding the autheticity of voice, you should not forget that, everyone follows somone. In the beginning of their career, Lataji has followed Noor-Jahan. Kishore Kumar has followed Saigal, and so on. Since 1991, I can not remember any KS song where he has cpied Kishoreda.


Hi Ramchand,
Thank you for the data, I have found it very informative.

On your comment ‘Since 1991, I can not remember any KS song where he has cpied Kishoreda’, one song comes to mind and I think was after 1991, you may probably be able to confirm the year and the movie.

Aa ja aa khele game koi, aise mausam mein sanam cricket ka hai mazaa’ – a lovely duet.

Hi friends,

I wanted to say that, no other singer of TODAY, except Alka and Udit has that much of bulk sales. I missed the word "TODAY" in my previous msg. Sorry for this.

that article is a REAL eyeopener

i am so glad you shared it with us.

it shows that from 1990 till now(with the exception of perhaps 2001), kumar sanu has constantly been a dominant force in the music scene(in terms of music sales), whether the posh modern and western music listeners believe it or not.

yes kumar sanu is truely a living legend, and thats why he has been awarded 'artist of the decade' 1990 to 2000.
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