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Full Version: Shaan:Indians appreciate soulful music
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Shaan: `Indians appreciate soulful music'

HE BEGAN his singing career with the remix album, Q-funk. Next, he collaborated with his sister, Sagarika, for a fun album, Naujawan. After this, Sagarika came up with a mature, serious album called Maa (Her fans would be happy to know that the Shaan-Sagarika reunion is set to happen pretty soon). Love-ology was Shaan's next offering, after which he took a break, and returned with a bang a few years later, with the record-smashing album, Tanha Dil. Today, he has collaborated with international artistes such as Blue and Mel C, and is definitely the frontrunner in the league to be India's most popular and loved singer.

If you didn't figure out yet, Shantanu Mukherjee aka Shaan is whom we are talking about. This singer, all set to release his new album Aksar, spoke to the Metro Plus, during his visit to the city last week. Shaan also gave this writer a preview of the video for the first single, "Aksar", on his portable DVD player. A mellow and breezy song, it pulls at your heartstrings and makes you hum the tune along. "I do not follow the market trend when I make songs. I follow my heart, and do the kind of music that sounds good to me," says Shaan about the music of the video.

The elegantly-shot video, featuring locales on the outskirts of Mumbai, supplements the song and adds to its soft mood. Shaan's V-necked kurta in the video, one can predict, will soon be the county's next fashion statement!

Excerpts from the interview:

Funk to Naujawan to Love-ology to Tanha Dil, it's been quite a journey. What was the major turning point in your musical career?

There was a break after Love-ology when I began singing for Bollywood movies. I learnt quite a bit during that period, and by the time Tanha Dil was released, I had acquired a certain sense of maturity. The album was successful too, so I guess that was my transition period.

Tanha Dil was released at a point in time when Indipop meant nothing more than loud, jarring remixes, and an onslaught of sub-standard Bhangra albums (not that much has changed since). The album, in more ways than one, contributed to the revival of the Indipop genre. What was surprising was the fact that Tanha Dil was a soulful, serious album, but still did rocking business.

I always believe that whatever happens, Indians have a rich musical foundation, which is highly melody-based, and somewhere along the line, they appreciate soulful, mature music. Nothing can change that.

Ten years down the line, would you rather be known for your Indipop endeavours or film songs?

As a singer, it really doesn't matter what you are known for, as long as listeners believe and respect you for your talent and voice. Looking at the trend, it won't be long before Indipop and film music begin to sound the same. People tend to remember a good song, not necessarily what genre it belongs to.

So, what is your next offering?

Aksar is the name of the album, all set to hit music stores in a couple of weeks from now. This nine-track album features my songs with Blue, Mel C, and a song called "Har Taraf" with Samira Said, a famous singer from the Middle East. The collaboration with Blue is part of the remix version of the song, "One Love" that features top musicians from Asia. This song would be featured in the soundtrack in Mahesh Manjrekar's Rakth.

Good more Shaan Faan here biggrin.gif
Wonderful KCP bhai smile.gif)

Shaan is indeed making his mark smile.gif thanks for the space provided by SN who is now more interested in acting (tho' he shld change his mind and get back to singing which would be appreciated by all wink.gif)

Shaan and we have something in common and that is the passion and craze we have for Guru and his voice smile.gif

N smile.gif

I love Shaan's Tazaa Tazaa Beheka Beheka Mamla Zabardast
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