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Thanks for that Dimple, I've got my self the full pack, but this is Gulshan Kumars; it's been arround for quite some time all be it not as one set.

Sonu is supposed to have recorded Tribute Album To Rafi with the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, blink.gif

Do you know if it's been released yet or has the idea been scraped unsure.gif

and finally what does he look like, just look at his hair do looks like he's wearing a dead animal on his head ninja.gif

Once again thanks for above


hi anwar fan,

hope ur well!

i may be able to help u here actually!

basically- sonu nigam is a very very close friend of a very close friend of mine called vijay in london!

infact believe it or not sonu stayed with him vijay in london about 3 weeks ago- when here was here (he did charity shows in necastle)

& vijay told me they spent the nite discussing 'BHAM ALBUM' sadly the album is not happening at the moment but...

sonu showed vijay his new project album which his just done which has everything from classical to modern infact ive even heard it myself too!

just check that out its not even finished properly & we ve heard it WOW!!!

sonu & vijay are like brothers theyre very close!

by the way vijay is a great singer very talented extremely popular & performs live in east london singing

songs of his favourite singers:

sonu nigam, mohd. rafi & kishore kumar live on stage.

vijay is the BIGGEST fan of sonu nigam of all time take my word for it if u need any info or anything else

regarding vijy u can contact him at:

vijay kumar <>

do mention BASH.

oh yes i forgot to say vijay is an absolutely wonderful person, nice, genuine & has a heart of GOLD!

take care.
Thanks for that Bash.

Where're you hiding these days,

Bohot low profile rakthe Ho, what's the matter yaar

Ek time tha ke purey HF ko hila ke rakhde-tha tha,

any way it does'nt long as you are here for us bechara log

Bash, I am a bit shy and introvert, so approaching some one I dont know is not my thing really

Anwar Saab sent me an email ages ago asking me to call him, I'm still twidling my thumbs and convicning my self I'll call him tommorow, tommorow etc

now that we're on his topic, do you by any chance have Anwar Saabs Album "Tohfa",

songs sound ACE excl.gif and do you know where I can buy the album from, co's I'll feel guilty if I didn't buy his music.


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