Playback singer Sonu Nigam, who has got the National Award for the title song of Kal Ho Na Ho, is extremely upset with the media for projecting his troubled marriage.

He is not denying that his marriage is in trouble. "What I can't understand is the way interviews with me are being fabricated and reasons for the problems in my life being put forward as though I've personally endorsed the wild theories being thrown around for the sake of sensational headlines," said Sonu.

The truth is that he hasn't spoken to any journalist so far about it because this is his personal matter, which involves only him, his wife Madhurima and his parents.

"If I wasn't a celebrity, I wouldn't have to face this constant barrage of rumours and speculations. Every marriage goes through ups and downs. Not all of them are put under speculations. Those who can sort out their problems without the paparazzi breathing down their necks are lucky."

Speculation on Sonu's marriage started with a report stating that his special friendship with another woman was the reason for the rift. However, those close to the singer say that differences of opinion between Madhurima and Sonu's parents are responsible.

Says an upset Sonu: "It's a very routine situation. And I'm working on it. I know my wife and I can solve the problem provided the media doesn't ruin it with speculation. I don't think it's right for others, whether the press or anyone else, to interfere in anyone's marriage. Stories are being invented and television shows are having a field day at our cost.

"I must say that this is affecting my efforts to do the right to save my marriage. Only my wife and me know the facts."