During the 1950s, there were a number of singers who tried to establish themselves in the changing music world of Madras. There were singers like T.R.Mahalingam, who was a singing star, and C.S.Jayaraman - pucca Tamilians which helped because there was enormous stress on the purity of the singers' Tamil in those days. Ghantasala, though he did enjoy some success, could only go so far because of this. His Tamil pronounciation was modest at best.

Trich Loganathan, with his strong manly voice, belonged to the former category. His partnership with G.Ramanathan yielded immediate success in "Mandirikumari" - "vaaraai nii vaaraai" is a composition still hummed and enjoyed today. As the films got more sensitive, the strong and hard voice of Loganathan became out of mode and he had to remain content with singing for the support cast.

Lets remember this great singer with some of his great melodies !

Starting with two of my very favourite duets from "Vairamalai" (1954) with M.L.Vasanthakumari :
MD : Viswanathan Ramamoorthy
Bitrate : 96kbps

1. vanjamidO (Duration : 2:58)

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2. kuuvaamal kuuvum kOkilam (Duration : 3:09)

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