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Full Version: The Changeover
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Hello Friends,

We started Hamara Forums in 2003 as a breakaway from Yahoo groups which had restricted access due to some government order. We had many groups on Yahoo and with the members support, we successfully migrated to Hamara Forums. Ever since then just like any growing family would gone through, we have seen many twirls and twists. We enjoyed a lot here and have treasured memories to take away with us.

We have decided to turn in the forum to a new administration to take it to a newer heights. The new administrator is the webmaster of a popular website and an experienced hand in running many forums and technically sound in server managment. We assure you that the forum will run efficiently and smoothly under the new administration and you will not experience any inconvenience during the changeover. The new administration will take effect immediately on 19th February, 2007.

Thank you for patronizing the forum and we hope you will continue to do so.

I am trying to keep this message as short as possible so to get to the point, I would like to thank the previous administrators for giving me the chance to be a part of the HF fraternity. I have been previously associated with HF on technical grounds but have not had the pleasure of conversing with any of the members except Pradeep. I hope we will get along well in the coming days.

Your New Admin
I've been receiving messages asking me to introduce myself. You can call me cYb0rG. I am not a very sociable guy, so do not expect me to be overtly friendly. The members should private message me only regarding forum problems. I am here to ensure that the forum does not succumb to technical problems. Most of you here are matured enough to follow the rules and I don't intend to keep reminding you to follow the guidelines. Read the guidelines and rules before you message me with your problems. If a moderator is available for the forum, make it a point to first message them. It saves yours' and my time.

Going through the past messages of members to admin, I'd like to say, I don't judge people, posts or topics. If members can't fight their own battles, most I can do is close the topic, if required and ask them to ignore or leave the board. If one does not like a thread topic, it is sensible to stay away from it.
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