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Full Version: Shreya Ghoshal- Tera Mera Pyar
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This album is by the UK duo who earlier made the Chandni Raatein song (originally sung by NoorJehan).
I've only heard the title track by Kumar Sanu & seen the video for it. Sounds & looks good.
Not sure how Shreya's done with these songs, Pradeep any comments?

2. Yeh Kya Hua - Shreya Ghoshal
7. Mujhe Seene - Shreya Ghoshal, Precha, Spike
8. Dil Mere - Shreya Ghoshal, Shurjo Bhattacharya
10. Pyar Ke Baatein - Shreya Ghoshal

More on Tera Mera Pyar at MusicIndiaOnline
Buy Album Online at AsianSounds
Girl from the Tera Mera Pyar vid SonyMusic
I havent been lucky enough to listen to this album as yet Imran. The album is still not released in India (did not find it @ online stores). I liked the tracks from Tumsa Nahin Dekha. Lovely numbers. Will post a review on soon.
Hey Imran,

Check my review at

Tera Mera Pyar -
Tumsa Nahin Dekha -


Pyar Kee Baatein
"A slow music start does bring our senses to focus on this number. Shreya gets her emotions right, with good scores of cues in between and renders perfectly. From the lyrics this song seems to be a heart warming number, especially for souls who have had their heart broken."

You forgot to mention that this is just a play on words, with the tune being the same as Chandni Raatein remix that the duo did in the past.

Excerpt from MusicIndiaOnline

"Interestingly, the song Pyaar Ki Baatein is a rehash of Chandni Raatein. Hardip explains: “It’s a song both of us love. We wanted to do something new with the tune, and thus decided to have new lyrics.”

Hardip says that though very few youngsters know Chandni Raatein was a Noorjehan song, they’ve never hidden the fact. “The song was a hit in the late ’40s and the older generation knows the song.”"
Thanks Imran. Duely added. smile1.gif
After 1 week of listening to Shreya's songs continuously from this album. Whats your favourite?

My favourite is the duet with Shurjo, 'Dil Mera Kho Gaya'. Wonderful song. At times, the male-singers voice sounds like that of KK (the current playback singer, not Kishore).
I am unable to decide between Pyaar Ki Baaten and Yeh Kya Huva. Best as of now is the guju number given by Chitralekha.
Best as of now is the guju number given by Chitralekha.

Usski translation karke kaun daega mujhe. doh.gif
Sab milkey bolo:

"HAVALDAR MADAM KI....................JAI"!

Madam C kee JAI ho!

Will post the translation of Guj song soon.

Hey Imran thanks for all the song info and lyrics. Gonna read your article today smile1.gif
QUOTE (Chitralekha @ Aug 16 2004, 02:05 AM)
Gonna read your article today smile1.gif

Finally. clap1.gif
Shreya ka ek aur gaana in Naam Gum Jaayega.. Shall get back with more info on that soooooooooooooooooooooooooooon smile1.gif)

N smile1.gif)
Ham Intazaar Karenge smile1.gif
QUOTE (Pradeep @ Aug 17 2004, 01:04 PM)
Ham Intazaar Karenge smile1.gif

agar maine kuchh ulat pulat likh diya, to Pradeep sahab aur Imran sahab dono milke mujhe forum se baahar phek denge wink2.gif ab ham kya kare wink2.gif

N tongue.gif
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