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Full Version: Tribute To Suraiyya -death Anniversary -31st January
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31st January is the death anniversary of the Legendary Actress cum Singer Suraiyya.
On this occassion here is a tribute to the legend, a wonderful radio programme (courtesy HF) produced by Srinivas Rao of and broadcasted on FM- New Jersey (USA), uploaded long time before in 2005. This radio programme is in MP3, 10 files, @128 Kbps (audio quality is reasonably good). Track time is listed on the individual files.

1- Part 1- 9.12 minutes
2- Part 2- 10.12 minutes
Tribute to Suraiyya continued:

3- Part 3 - 11.44 minutes
4- Part 4 - 08.27 minutes
Mohd ji thank you so much for the radio prog.

Mohd bhai, cant thank you enough for this special gift to HF

You are great sir ji..I mean it

You are welcome Nimmi Ji and Parag. Thanks for appreciation.
I would love to play this radio programme on HF Radio, but due to ISP restrictions its not possible for me to do so and hence I am uploading this here.
Tribute to Suraiyya Radio Programme continued:

05- Part 5 - 10.49 minutes
06- Part 6 - 09.09 minutes
Tribute to Suraiyya continued:

07- Part 7 - 12.34 minutes
08- Part 8 - 09.40 minutes
Ayyo 10 parts wacko.gif I will d/l the next lot after a couple of days mellow.gif ninja.gif
Last and final batch of the radio programme - Tribute to Suraiyya by Srinivas Rao of

09- Part 9 - 8.23 minutes
10- Part 10 - 12.39 minutes
Thank you so much for this treat, mirsa ji. smile1.gif Cant wait to download. tongue1.gif

BTW ye sab aapko Mohd Ji kyun bula rahey hain?
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