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I discovered the magic of old Tamil film music much after I did the music of Hindi films. And over the past 20 years or so when I have been enjoyed it, P.B.Srinivas has stood out as the melody voice of Tamil film music. The Viswanathan Ramamoorthy-Gemini Ganesan-P.B.Srinivas combination has provided one superlative melody after another.

I have had the pleasure of meeting this great man many times in Chennai. Talking music with him is a joy. He has deep knowledge of the nuances of music and shares my love for Talat Mahmood smile1.gif

I am sharing 3 of my very favorite PBS melodies. Hope you enjoy them too !

1. iLLamai koluvirukkum (what a disappointment the picturization of the song was !!)
Film / Composers : Hello Mr Zamindar / Viswanathan Ramamoorthy
Bit : 256
Duration : 3:05
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2. manidan enbavan (in contrast, a superbly picturized melody)
Film / Composers : Sumaithangi / Viswanathan Ramamoorthy
Bit : 256
Duration : 3:26
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3. uDalukku uyir kaaval
Film / Composers : Manapandhal / Viswanathan Ramamoorthy
Bit : 256
Duration : 3:47
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Nice ones, Shriram - I like his voice a lot.

I remembering listening to P B Srinivas Live at Madras in the mid 70s - he was so good. He left us spellbound when singing a Hindi song of his - Chanda se hoga woh pyara.

He was at ease singing in all the south indian languages - but left a great mark on Tamil and Kannada Film music.

In his 80s now - he was honoured at a local club in Bangalore recently - where he spoke very well and sang a few Kannada songs too.

There is a 4 CD "Golden collection" of P B Srinivas in Tamil. He has talked about a lot
of the songs in this collection. Absolute must for anybody who likes PBS (I fall in that
category). I am amazed by the range of his songs. Everything from western to
semi-classical to romantic duets to sad songs to night-club numbers. There are some
total gems in that collection. My personal favorite is a duet of his with L R Eswari (what
an unlikely combination) - "MuLLil roja". Don't remember the film off the top of my head.
Thanx for the songs that you uploaded shriram.
SB Ditto!

That is kalaikovil I think unsure.gif (LREashwari and PBS duet)
Hari Ram
After many years, I would like to hear this golden-oldie again, 'Kaalangalil aval vasatham'.
Even though I don't understand Tamil, I love this song.
Some one please upload it.

Hari Ram

here is the song you requested Hari Ram.

Movie Pava mannippu starring shivaji ganeshan, gemini ganesh, devika and savithri was a good movie with beautiful songs.

song - kaalangalil aval vasantham - p.b.srinivas - 3333;11/320
Hari Ram
QUOTE(lakshmi @ May 4 2007, 11:16 AM) *

here is the song you requested Hari Ram.for

Movie Pava mannippu starring shivaji ganeshan, gemini ganesh, devika and savithri was a good movie with beautiful songs.

song - kaalangalil aval vasantham - p.b.srinivas - 3333;11/320

Thank you Lakshmi for this evergreen song.
Another member had PMed me the song. Now, I have two copies.
Some of these golden oldies, I love them so much that, I burn all tracks of a CD with one song and listen to them constantly in my car for next two days. Last two days, I was listening to 'esu nadigala daati ..'; next two days, I will listen to 'kaalangalil aval vasantham'
Thanks again for all great uploads,

Hari Ram

Hari Ram,

I am a fan of P.B.Srinivas. He has sung many beautiful songs both in Kannada and Tamil movies. All his tamil songs are very mellifluous. I will upload one more song. This is from famous director Sridhar's movie sumaithangi. I don't understand pure tamil though my mother tongue is tamil. I am more fluent in Kannada.

movie sumaithangi(1960)
md vishwanathan ramamurthy
p.b.srinivas s.janaki
song endan paruvathil - 3:31/320
For those who love P B Srinivas sirs voice these three songs are a must hear both in terms of lyrics and his magical voice is at its best...Enjoy biggrin.gif

Songs - Nilavae ennidam, Mayakkamma Kalakamma, Anubavam Pudhumai
Films - Ramu,Sumai Thangi,Kathalika Naeramillai
Music Director - M S Vishwanathan
Lyricist - Kanadasan
File Format - mp3
Bit rate - 128kbps
Run time - 4:34,3:07,5:16

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For PBS lovers I give a track that is one of his many good tracks in kannada.
PBS worked externsively in kannada, both in films and devotioal areas. Click to view attachmentClick to view attachmentClick to view attachment[attachmentid=172
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