Hello Friends,

Adding to the security of all our systems, we have enabled secured login for all members of HF. When you are logging into Hamara Forums, irrespective of the group you belong to, your username and password is being channeled through 256bit encrypted https protocol and your username and password only gets decrypted at HF server.

After successful validation, Angels will continue to remain in the secured channel throughout their interaction at HF. If they wish to remain in normal insecure http channel, they simply need to change "https" to "http" in the browser's address bar.

After successful validation, normal members will be redirected to a normal insecure http channel throughout their interaction at HF.

Ad-free surfing

Angels can now enjoy ad-free surfing. They will not see any advertisements on their pages anymore.

We would like to thank all the Angels for supporting HF. We will continously strive to make HF a beautiful community, rich with information and entertainment to all members.