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Full Version: Hf Attachments Ratio System
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The ratio system has been finalized, keeping in mind the best interests of all members. As planned earlier, it will come into effect from Nov 21, 2006. Till November 20, 2006 you will be able to download files without maintaining the ratio, but on Nov 21, the 0.5 ratio needs be maintained to further download files.

The good news is that you will not lose your precious upload bytes after 31 days, as announced earlier. The ratio system for all members(except Angels) would be that they have to maintain a ratio of 0.5. Though the bytes meter has started ticking from from Oct 10, 2006, and we have made the uploads and downloads bytes (of only Files that are in the format of .RAR and .ZIP) not to fluctuate based on the period(no. of days). The data that would be projected under the Attachment Zone would be the cumulative record of your total bytes uploaded and downloaded from Oct 10, 2006 - the start date, on which the statistics have been taken into consideration for calculating the ratio to an infinite date (unless there is any change in the policy of the ratio system at a later date). The meter will NOT be zeroed of both Uploads/downloads after 31 days.

For eg.
Attachment Zone
Downloaded: 153.03 MB
Uploaded: 251.37 MB

If after a period of 3 months, the ratio would continue to remain same, even if he/she has not downloaded or uploaded, provided he/she is logging regularly to keep his/her id active -(please note the members guidelines - We require all members to be active on the forum. If any member has not posted any message on board for more than 30 days in a row, the admins will reserve the right to terminate their membership with the deletion of their ID, unless the admins are notified of his/her stipulated period of absence) .

The Ratio rule:
  • A minimum ratio of 0.5 has to be maintained for one to download attachments from any forum on the HF board. For every 1 MB uploaded, a member is entitled to download upto 2 MB.
  • The ratio has been made persistent/cumulative upload/download bytes.
  • Any data transmitted over HF Radio or from 3rd party websites will not affect your ratio.
  • The ratio will affect only those attachments that are in zip/rar formats.
  • If the member uploads a file and deletes it himself/herself or deleted by admin (for the violation of rules mentioned in media attachment criteria) from the post, the upload bytes will get deducted. He/she will not get the credit of such uploads. However if the admin deletes it as part of the 31 day deletion process, the upload bytes will not be deducted.
Media Attachment Criteria:

The media files that do not meet the criteria below, or are samples/clips of audio/video stream, should be posted on 3rd party websites.
  • The media file should have been released in or before year 2000.
  • All the Audio attachments should range in between minimum 96kbps to a maximum of 160kbps.
  • All the video attachments should range in between minimum 250kbps to a maximum of 780kbps with a minimum video dimension of 320 x 240.
  • The filenames should be logically expressive, by that it means, reading the filename, a human should be able to comprehend it. You may continue the standard that was adopted earlier (File name - Track name - Movie - Year - Singer Name - MD). In case details are not known, at least the track name, movie name and singer should be mentioned in the filename. Do not use shortforms or abbreviations of any kind in the filename.
  • Posts with audio attachments should cover all the known details of the attached file or the files in the attached file.
    Suhani Raat Dhal Chuki Na Jaane Tum Kab Aavoge
    Film - Dulari
    Year - 1949
    Lyricist(s) - Shakeel Badayuni
    Musician(s) - Naushad
  • Posts with video attachments should cover all the known details of the file along with at least one snapshot or a frame of the video. E.g
The above is effective from November 21, 2006.
The above post has been updated. Kindly go through it.
NOTE: We find the members are still uploading files without adhering to the rules stipulated for File uploads. Those files violating the rules will be deleted, with effect from 21 November 2006. Please rectify the file info, as required.

A Red Alert message as given below will be posted on all threads where such files will be found.

Red Alert: The above attachments are in violation of the attachment guidelines. Please rectify the info, to avoid the files from being deleted. (Minimum requirements needed - track name, singer, bitrate (file kbps 96kbps - 160kbps only) and track duration, that is, if the member does not have the full details).
    Suhani Raat Dhal Chuki Na Jaane Tum Kab Aavoge
    Film - Dulari
    Year - 1949
    Lyricist(s) - Shakeel Badayuni
    Musician(s) - Naushad
    Duration - 3.20 mins
    Bitrate - 128kbps
    Format - mp3
  • Posts with video attachments should cover all the known details of the file as shown in the sample above along with at least one snapshot or a frame of the video. E.g Sample
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