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Full Version: Apollo 11 Saw Ufo!!
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This article is in today's Times Of India, Mumbai edition (25 July 2006)

First men on moon saw UFO there, used pen to fix lander'

The Apollo Mission Was Near Disaster, Says Edwin Aldrin In Docu Film

New York: A new documentary reveals the US was so eager to show their one-upmanship over Russians during the Cold War, they launched the mission to moon without much scientific precision or the required precautions. The mission came to be launched in hope rather than in expectation. The doucmentary, Apollo 11: The Untold Story, brings out several lacunae that would have ended up in disaster.
The uncertainty was so strong that the then US president Richard Nixon had even prepared an address to the nation announcing that the three astronauts—Neil Armstrong, Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin and Michael Collins—had died in a space mishap.
Aldrin, now 76, interviewed by the makers of the documentary, narrated how he found to his dismay that a vital switch got damaged as one of the astronauts brushed against it in a bulky spacesuit. He said as he looked around some of the lunar dust on the floor, he found there was something that did not belong to the moon—a broken part of a circuit breaker. That was a vital link for the trio to return to the earth in safety. "In the countdown procedure, I used a pen, one of several that we had on board that didn't have metal on the end, and we used that to push the circuit breaker in."
The documentary provides an account of the crisis when the landing module was thrown off course by a computer breakdown as it was about to land. The trio was 100 feet from landing and the vehicle had only fuel for 60 seconds. Armstrong managed to land with just 15 seconds of fuel left.
There were problems about escape procedures for the astronauts. Classified documents that have been made public indicate Nasa never told the astronauts the escape procedures could be useless as they would work only if the Saturn V rocket that powered their craft had broken off. The US government had ordered ground control to cut links with the astronauts if a disaster occurred. They was more concerned about the world watching.
Aldrin also revealed that he and other astronauts had reported seeing a UFO during the flight, but Nasa had covered it up. He said, "There was something out there, close enough to be observed, and what could it be? Obviously, we weren't going to blurt out, 'Hey Houston, we've got something moving alongside of us and we don't know what it is,' you know?" Click to view attachment
Yes Mandrake.... I read it in the papers today smile1.gif Seems NASA hushed up the matter??? blab.gif mellow.gif
This another of several NASA hoaxes floating around ??

An interesting site that I googled: Moon Hoaxes.

From a brief glance (as always tongue1.gif), I gathered the site's about stating the popular hoaxes and giving a scientific explanation for disproving them. Of course, the conclusion for each hoax is left to the reader biggrin.gif
Yes, Vivz, somehow I too think this could be a hoax, going by a simple psychological yardstick:
why did TOI print this half-page news somewhere in the middle of the paper? Why not on the front page?
When they 'discovered' the 'human face' on Mars, the news was all over the front pages. Then why this thing way inside on page 15 or so?
Mandrake list such news with justifications too, please. Makes it not only an interesting read, but we get to see the scientific explanation too. Thanks.

what kind of justifications, Nimii? not clear pls...
Justifications.. matlab why the news is not true or cannot be true and the scientific explanation to support it. Maybe I put it wrongly Mandrake. Sorry.



An article on the net!

20 July 1969
The man who stepped onto the Moon informed the world of this with the following words: “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.”
The Apollo 11 astronauts, Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins, were convinced Christians. During their exploration of the Moon’s surface, they suddenly saw a strange sight. All the conversations at that moment were being recorded on tape. This is what the tape recorder picked up at the moment they saw the strange sight.
Astronaut Aldrin: “We can see some object that looks like an open book. Right above the Sea of Tranquility (Mare Tranquillitatis).”
Astronaut Armstrong: “It looks like two rings, or to be more exact, like an open book.”
Astronaut Collins: “I changed the position of the sextant, now we can clearly see that it is shaped like a book.”
Observation from Earth: “What are you talking about, how can there be a book on the Moon?”
The voices were recorded on tape. The next day the book disappeared, however some external interference constantly jammed the radio transmission, a sound kept breaking in similar to the siren of a fire engine.
Collins: “Earth, can you hear me, get rid of the interference, that siren, or I’ll go deaf…”
Earth: “That sound is not coming from Earth, it’s coming from without, are you sure there isn’t another ship there besides yours?”
Armstrong: “And now some music has started, Earth, are you going to get rid of the music or not?”
Earth: “Everything here is in working order. The music is coming from you.”
Aldrin: “What nonsense! Can we agree or not? That music is coming from you!”
* * *
The next day, Armstrong went onto the Moon again. “The Eagle has landed!” he said with emotion. A person was walking on the Moon for the first time. Suddenly the sound like a siren was heard again. But this time (this is all recorded on tape), the following words were heard: “RABBI-EL ARDZ-DINI ENDAHU-IZA-KUN-ALIM.”
Earth: “Hey, who’s talking?”
Armstrong was walking on the Moon at this time. Again the sound of music was heard: “Ashgadu ala illaga illallag.” (I testify – there is no God but Allah.)
Earth: “UFOs again? What were the words in that music?”
Collins: “Ashan mahatma rasamballa…,” something like that. Sounds like Indian…”
Armstrong: “I heard it (the Arabian prayer presented above. – Ed.) to the end. It somehow makes you feel good. I think it’s from African radio stations…”
Aldrin: “I changed the frequency, the same sound again. It’s coming from the Moon. It’s not a radio wave. It’s something hard to believe.”
Earth: “What, have you all gone crazy up there? How can there be sound in airless space?” Collins: “So what is it then? UFOs?”
Armstrong: “Can UFOs be shaped like books?”
Earth: “A strange indisposition. Or some space wave? It’s obvious that the voices, sounds, are all figments of your imagination?”
Armstrong: “You can’t take pictures of figments! You can’t record an imaginary voice on tape!”
Earth: “Alright, but how can sound spread in airless space?”
Sometime later, the astronauts returned to Earth. The cassettes were listened to again. In the meantime, consultations were held with Al-Baz, NASA’s executive secretary. He gave an explanation of the “music” heard on the Moon, declaring it to be a holy saying in Arabic.
Much time passed, and Warden, an Apollo 16 astronaut, heard the same “saying.”
What is more, while photographing the Earth in infrared rays, he picked up something akin to the aura of our planet, which looks like the Arabic inscription of the Creator’s name – Allah.

This photograph, which was published in “National Geographic,” has traveled around the whole world.

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this is nothing but previously leaved planes,rocket's etc.......

i think by human's only...!

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