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Full Version: Tennis Masters Cup 2003
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So anyone watching it?
Does anyone in USA get The Tennis Channel yet?

I am waiting for mine right here, GOSH I hope I get it soon.
Doubles matches are going on on the Tennis Channel

Today in singles, David Nalbandian Dismantled JC Ferrero, wowsers

Andre Agassi and Roger Federer plying right now but this terrible US coverage will NEVER show it live ughhhh, it's gonna be at 12:00 am ESPN 2
10 o clock is women's final from staples arena in LA, the ladies championships

Gettign ready for Agassi and Federer, I think they will show this at 12 tonight!


What a match between Fed Express and A-Train
One of the best 3 setters i seen, great shots pulled off by both competitors
Federer get his 1st win over Andre ever in tie break, He saves 2 match points

Recorded this one

getting ready for Roddick vs Carlos Moya tonight

Tomorrow, Federer and Nalbandian, Nalbandian 5-0 lifetime against Roger
what a match that will be, feds can't figure this guy out
what a killer Daveeeeeeed is

sigh...Agassi lost sad.gif

I really love Agassi tongue.gif
KCP uncle, yes Agassi lost for 1st time against Fed Express
Today, Federer spanked "Daveeeed" Nalbandian, his nemesis, nalbandian was 5-0 lifetime against Fed but it changed today, 6-3, 6-0
ooo dismantling

Tonight - Andre Agassi vs Juan Carlos Fererro
sort of a re-match from US Open SF when JCF took down AA
good stuff

Roddick won against Carlos Moya in 3 sets

Yes Sharad dadadaji tongue.gif

....seeing Agassi loose is intolerable ( same with Seffffffi )

Andre-Juan match would be walk on a cake for out smile.gif

Roddick bhai is goin great guns these days..indeed..

KCP ( Abhi to main Bachha Hoon smile.gif )
KCP sire : ) ) ) )
yaar uncle bhi to kitne young hote hain hahaha

ok ok ok thik hai, aap bacche hain still, sheeeeeeeesh

Ohhh so guess what
Juan Carlos basically handed over the match to AA
JCF was kicking butt for a set and a half (like he did at the US Open, out-hitting, out serving, out-classing Andre), it got Andre so frustrated that he broke his racquet hitting against his FOOT. Not seen this much emotion from Agassi in LOOOOONG time!
it looked like AA thought he was going to lose this match but due to lack of mental toughness in that match on JCF's part and the experience and tenacity of AA, man he got the job done in 3 sets, good job @ AA.
JCF should have won in 2. cricital point when he was up 40-0 and he just gave gift to Agassi and got broken
Come on JCF!!! Don't be giving away gifts on the tennis court like that!!!

Federer 2-0
Agassi 1-1
Nalbandian 1-1
JCF 0-2 - Out

Federer in SF already

Tonight AA vs 'Daveeeeed" Nalbandian, gonna be a good one i hope!

Rrrrrrrrrrainer Shuettler continues to master Roddick, loved the way he got Andy so frustrated and mad with this mix up of shots, what a patient and smart player Shuettler is, great job Rainer! he is 2-0 now, andy 1-1
4-6, 7-6, 7-6 score
Rainer is 3-0 against Roddick this year! all victories on hard court!!

Carlos Moya played dismal against G. Coria, uff so many miss-timed shots by Moya, that was sick to see, no rythm no nothin

Shuettler 2-0
Coria 1-1
Roddick 1-1
Moya 0-2 - out

Rainer Shuettler clinches SF spot!

Yesssss Andre got all his experience behind ( 8 Grand Slams )...iirc he must be one of the oldest players to be amongst the top ATP players ?

He is surely to be in the Semis smile.gif

Yes Agassi is 33 years old, not many are older than him on the tour
And he was no.1 for many months this year at 33. Amazing!

He played some scrappy tennis today against Shuettler but still got the win in 3 sets.

Roger Federer Spanked the hell out of Andy Roddick in 62 minutes
This guy - Fed, is damn scary, just like a Pete Sampras, and that's the highest praise anyone can get out on the tour. He, like Sampras, makes tennis look too easy.

Agassi is gonna have to play so much better to beat Roger Federer.
Federer already beat him in the round robin - 1st match.

Will be a good match tomorrow, 4 pm US eastern time on ESPN (2?)

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