HF is NOT a file-sharing site. It is a forum, meant for inter-action between members, sharing information, pictures, anecdotes, jokes, personal experiences, etc. etc.

We observe that several members only participate in downloading and uploading song tracks, without any other contribution to the forum.

There are several sub-forums in HF, catering to a variety of interests. Several of them have been created in response to requests from members. We'd request you to kindly participate in them, instead of just requesting and downloading songs.

Please note that every member's participation is subject to review, irrespective of how long you've been a member. Participation in and contribution to the site are absolute requirements.

Members who merely upload/download song tracks will be under review and may be subject to revocation of their "Trusted" member status.

Please treat this site as a dining-table where we all eat together. Not as a kitchen where the cook makes whatever we want.