Sunidhi and Shreya give up in front of Vinit and Debojit!IPB Image Who’s better: The present, or the future, was the question on Zee’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa sets, when the shooting for the pre-finals was on. In order to boost the morale of the final two contestants (Vinit and Debojit) and to give them the feel of ‘matching voices with the professional playback singers’, the makers had invited two of the best female voice in the industry, Sunidhi Chouhan and Shreya Ghoshal. The grand finale of the show airs t0day at 9: pm on Zee TV.
Before saying yes for an appearance, both the singers, even in their wildest dream, wouldn’t have thought that they are going to get some real good competition from ‘two still amateur’ singers with no experience of singing professionally at all.

Shocking, but true! According to sources present on the sets, Sunidhi actually felt that she is not singing well in front of Vinit and pressed for rehearsals before the actual shoot. That too not once, not twice, she actually had to rehearse for the song for five times in order to keep up with the competition from Vinit who rehearsed only once and that too, to give a company to Sunidhi.

Similar was the case with Shreya Ghoshal, who was to sing a duet with another finalist Debojit. When the director said “roll” and singers started singing, Shreya was horrified to find that she couldn’t match up to Debojit’s voice. She couldn’t stretch her voice as long as the singer from Assam.

When we tried contacting the people involved, we got no response from them, but a couple of people, on the condition of animosity confirmed the incident and told us that the lady singers were really full of inferiority complex following the incident.

This further strengthens the claim Zee stable that they have better talents on their show than any other talent show on any other (read competitor) channel. Another interesting fact that we want to put across out here is that Shreya Ghoshal herself is a Sa Re Ga Ma Pa discovery. She in fact admitted that it was like a home coming for her. So, all the singers! Be ware – Vineet and Debojit is coming!