Just got back last night from vacation... Have started compiling the results and hope to post the results by thursday.. so you can still send your entry/update by Wednesday (Feb 08)..

Here is a repost of the quiz with hints..


1, tumse milA thA pyAr, kuchh achchhe nasIb the
ham un dino ____ the, jab tum ____ the

hint : roshan roshan geet..

2. shahad jeene kA milA karatA hai thoDA thoDA
jaane waalo ke liye ___ ___ ___ karate

hint : memories woven in melody...

3. koi rishtA nahIn rahA phir bhI
ek ____ ____ sI hai

hint : Meghna stepping in her father's shoes for this 'four grooms and
a bride' song...

4. chhoTe chhoTe shaharo se, ___ ___ se
ham to jholA uthA ke chale

hint : no hint, as hint has already been stolen!

5. laTon pe ____ ____, ik __ huA karatI thI
kabhI kabhI _____ pe vo bhI milA karatI hai

hint : the producer came up with a Train to Pakistan next

6. baahar _____ hai, andar ____

hint : can provide you some good hint about this song but....

7. ___ raho __ __ jis tarah
__ __ pairon tale jis tarah

hint : aasmaan ke paar shaayad aur koi aasmaan hoga ? may be..

8.ruk ruk ke chalatA hai ye dil
mujrim sa lagatA hai ye dil
___, ___

hint : barishon ke paani se....

9. sajke ____ ____, chaIi ___ ___ ___ ke pAr

hint : lekin, its not lekin....

10. jI me ho jab ___ kI
yA ___ __ __ ho
khatm hoti hai tumhI par
ab kahIn kI bAt ho

hint : a very popular song... gulzar saab did just a couple of films
with this team of legendary music directors.

Fill in the blanks and name the film/album/event the lines are taken from...
PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWERS ON THE GROUP instead mail them to (pavanjha at gmail dot com).. Send your answers by
Wednesday, February 08, 2006