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Full Version: Venom
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Saw Venom this afternoon. Again a timepass jhakas popcorn movie.

Gillespie helms VENOM, the plot is basic, and simply serves to allow the requisite group of dumb teens to either meet their maker, or narrowly escape the clutches of a mysterious stalker. Set in Louisiana, the voodoo that the region is notorious for has rippled through a local graveyard, and sucked up all the evil spirits of the dead who lay there, depositing them in a suitcase full of snakes. When local bad boy Ray (Rick Cramer), who is the scourge of the town's teen population, meets a grizzly demise in a car accident, the snakes are unleashed and Ray (AKA Mr. Jangles--so called because he collects keys from his dead victims) is resurrected.


Agnes Bruckner
Jonathan Jackson
Rick Cramer
Bijou Phillips
Method Man

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IPB Image
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