Shaan: Not so a 'Tanha Dil' in Switzerland

He is famous for his floppy tresses, cherubic looks and soulful voice, not to mention his funny ditty Loveology in the hilarious music video. With time, came maturity and acclaim for his rendering of peppy as well as soulful numbers like Koi Kahey, Gum Sum, and Tanha Dil. An accomplished singer who always manages to please his delirious fans, Shaan never really bothered with his public image. He never shied from letting it be known that he dotes on his mother and sister, but he is absolutely nuts about his better half. Destiny employed Cupid to bring together this adorable couple who are the personification of happiness. Simona Terron talks to Shaan and Radhika Mukherjee to find out how it all began and what keeps them still madly in love.

When you say the word honeymoon, Shaan and Radhika give a knowing smile to each other. And at that one moment a photographer could freeze frame their warm intimate smiles for posterity. Even though their honeymoon was a long time ago, for them those special moments shared together, reminisced even two years after their marriage, were very defining, as it helped cement their relationship.

Though unplanned, singer Shaan and Radhika's honeymoon turned out to be a very romantic and recordable one. Radhika an air hostess with Swiss Air was entitled to complimentary air tickets. With a major expense taken care of, the couple decided to splurge on the trip and make the best of everything. The honeymoon constituted a five-day romantic trip to Switzerland, covering Zurich, Lucerne, Bourne, Lottenbrenn and then up Mount Titlis.

They spent the first night in Zurich at the hotel that Radhika usually stayed at when she was on airline duty. The next day, they went to the railway station and bought Euro rail tickets, decided the places they were going to visit and booked all the hotels they were going to stay at. Since Radhika had seen a lot of Switzerland on her previous trips, she had plenty of suggestions to offer. Of them, Lottenbrenn was the best pick by far. They picked it by accident. Lottenbrenn is a station just lower than Jungfrau and is a really small village, so small that they could see their hotel from the station itself. So they hired bicycles (Shaan was riding a cycle after almost 10 years) and rode around the little village. They chanced upon this amazing glacier that could be accessed only through a path cut out of the mountain. This is the highest glacier waterfall accessible to man through a mountain.

This was a trip that the two would never forget: the picture perfect scenery and the road hewn out of the mountain. The crazy adventure and the thrill of being together only added to the experience.

Many similar trips took place after their honeymoon, but the same intensity and the craziness of the first trip to Switzerland was missing. They even went back to Switzerland once again after their honeymoon, but that was just for a day to see Shaan's sister, Sagarika, perform at a concert being held there.

The one place they would recommend to honeymooners would be where they had their next wonderful trip - Krakow in Poland. This was the only city that wasn't destroyed in the second world war and therefore unlike the rest of Poland that was rebuilt, Krakow still has awe inspiring monuments and church architecture that dates from the 11th and 13th century. And because it is not a tourist place, it is very peaceful and has an old world feel. One can cover all of this on foot. ?There is also Schindler's factory if you want to visit it as a historical site but that's probably not something you want to be reminded of on your honeymoon,? adds Shaan.

The Beginning:

The trip down memory lane gets them musing about the day they first got acquainted with each other:

Shaan: ?We met around six years ago and it was by today's standards, a rather conventional setting - we were both single and I thought that like me, she was ready to mingle.?

Radhika: ?He wasn't really looking for a relationship, but I wouldn't give in until he agreed to a relationship. Within a month of knowing each other, Shaan realized that he wanted a permanent relationship and we began to go steady. The signs were all there, coincidences kept happening ? like I would be walking out of a restaurant while he was entering it, or we would bump into each other at the same nightclub. Sometimes we would meet up at a friend's party, unplanned or unscheduled.?

Shaan: ?I was 24 and she was 18 and she was pretty serious about what she wanted while I was everything but that. Of course I did find her pretty childish at first and she had a group of girl friends who were all around the same age as her. All my friends had gone abroad, or relocated and as a result I used to hang around with her friends. Radhika hadn't really had a proper relationship before.?

Radhika: ?My parents, Vinod and Meera Jolly trained me to be independent. They didn't really shelter me, but instead insisted that whatever I did, I should be honest with them about it. If I said I was going out and would be home late, mum wouldn't think that this was a serious problem, but insisted that if I said I was coming home at two o'clock, I should be home by that hour. She also made it very clear that I would leave the house and return in the same clothes that I would be partying in. If I wanted to wear something short or skimpy, I could but she had to see it before I left the house; she would have none of that changing outside, before, or after, going to the nightclub. If my friends came to pick me up, they would have to do so by coming to the front door, no honking.?

Shaan: ?There was this thing about her living in Juhu and me being from Bandra. Also, there were many ways in which we were completely different from each other.?

Radhika: ?He was always very independent. He didn't need to inform anyone about his comings or goings; whereas, I always had to inform my family about my whereabouts. He had this pop image he had to maintain.? (Laughter) THE PLOT THICKENS ?

In spite of how dissimilar the two were from each other, things only got better with time and Shaan finally proposed to her two years later, in true romantic fashion, on a beach.

Shaan: ?I decided to take the plunge and be totally romantic about it. I did the whole act of going down on bended knee and even asked her to marry me with lines to the effect of, 'With the sea, the sky, the air and the waves as witness, I ask you to ?' I guess I was really being corny,? he smiles sheepishly.

Radhika: ?I still remember those lines, but at that point in our relationship, it was touching. First, he took me to the temple and I was really touched, then he took me to the beach and that was really sweet, after which he took me to this really cheap restaurant which really irritated me.?

What was it that made Shaan decide that Radhika was the one? He doesn't quite know how to put it into words, but he knows that the two of them were destined to be together. He believes that reason and logic can offer plenty of explanations to keep even the most well-matched people apart. ?When you're dating, there is no way of really knowing whether you will be able to live with the person you're going to marry; you meet each other for two or three hours a day and if something bugs you, you just go and scream in a corner and come back with a smile on your face. When you get married, how does that work out?? he asks. ?But sometimes you just take the plunge and amazingly, things turn out well. My marriage has been all about things falling into place, everything seems to be going right for me after I married Radhika,? he says and physically touches wood.

When asked to speak about that all-important four-letter word, Shaan has this to say, ?Love is a state of mind. It is all about timing; if you meet someone when you are at a certain point in your life and they are at a certain point in theirs, it may just click. Like if both of you are single and looking to get hitched and also vibe well with each other, you may just decide to get married. It's about being in the right place, at the right time. But right now my three-month old son, Soham is the biggest love of my life. He has given me a kind of joy that is inexplicable.?

Shaan doesn't skimp on words when it comes to singing praises about his wife, ?She keeps me focused, and she has my best interests at heart, so I know she will only tell me what's best for me. She is my strength, she has helped me get completely organized in my life, my career's doing great and of course, now we have a baby, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.? We at Match Maker wish you all the best.