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Ellorukkum Vanakkam. bye.gif

I propose to discuss any new song that one finds to be 'listenable'. Since most of us at HF are crazy about old songs, many wont be too familair or in touch with the new melodious numbers. I would like to invite all to use this thread to recommend any new song that one finds hummable / 'listenable'. And would also be great if one could write a few points on why he / she likes that particular new song.

Firstly, thanks to HF which gives me a platform to start such a thread. Any other regular Tamil music forum would have massacred me for asking for recommendations for new 'listenable' songs ! smile1.gif tongue1.gif

To begin with, let me define a 'new' song by including all songs that cannot be uplaoded at HF. Discussion on any post '87 song is welcome.

Let me start by recommending ---
Song: avaL ulagha azhagiyE
Film : Laysa Laysa (2002)
Singer : Karthik Raja
MD : Harris Jeyraj
Lyrics : Vaali
Picturised on : Shyam and Trisha wub.gif

I like the continuous use of beats in the background... keeps my foot tapping throughout. Very nice use of violins all thru the song. Decent lyrics too ! Thats quite a rarity, na ? wink2.gif There are some pauses in the song which are well used. I always like songs where the MD uses pauses to good effect.clap1.gif Of course, very few songs have pauses nowadays !

Heres another one that I'm crazy about nowadays:
Song : mazhai mazhai
Film : Ullam Ketkumae (2003) .. movie release -- 2005
Singers : Unnikrishnan & Harini
MD : Harris Jeyraj
Picturised on : Not bothered ...woeful picturisation sad1.gif

Unnikrishnan is one of my favorite singers ..... just crazy over his 'unique' voice. That he's an accomplished classical singer is an added bonus when he sings film songs. So u'll find lots of Unnikrishnan songs in this thread. smile1.gif

Violin piece after 1st antara is good clap1.gif The 'change' in the last line of the song sung by both Unni and Harini was a pleasant surprise. Aisi chhoti chhoti baatein bhi mushkil ho gayi hai naye gaanon mein sad1.gif doh.gif Again good use of pauses, with no music and just the singer singing at places. smile1.gif Maybe a more mellow use of beats would have sufficed, but song's melody is good enough. Another good number from Harris Jeyraj clap2.gif


I'm back, this time with a romantic solo number that I 'discovered' quite recently. first heard the song in SUN TV's Saptha Swarangal program. Had been searching for it for sometime till I heard it again in the local radio station !

Song : vizhigaLin arughinil vAnam
Movie : Azhagiya Theeyae (2004)
Singer & MD: Ramesh Vinayagam

Any info on lyricist ?? unsure.gif One Kavivarman ?? After a pretty long time, I've liked a song for its lyrics ! The music is decent (as in no heavy beats &/or dappaangutthu stuff). The singer is quite ok, except for a distinct nasal tone, which makes the "Oho yea" part very likeable.

couldnt resist posting the here it goes.... and a single BIG wub.gif for the whole song wink2.gif
*Me in thamizh pulavar mode today rolleyes.gif* rotate1.gif

vizhigaLin aruginil vaanam
vegu tholaivinil tholaivinil thookkam
idhu aindhu pulangaLin yekkam
en mudhal mudhal anubhavam oho yea
oliyinDri udhaDugal peysum
perum puyalena veLi varum shwaasam
oru suvaDinDri naDanthiDum paadham
idhu adhisaya anubhavam oho yea

peNNai sandhitthein
avaL naTpai yaasitthein
avaL paNbai naesitthein
vaerenna naan solla oho yea

poo poanDra kaNNitthein
avaL peyr solli thithitthein
adhu yen enDru yoasitthein
aDa naan engu shwaasitthein?
kaadhoDu mounangaL
isai vaarkinDra neyrangaL
pasi-neer thookkam illaamal
uyir vaazhginDra maayangaL

alai kaDalaai irundha manam
thuLi thuLiyaai sidhariyadhae
aimpuLanum en manamum
enakkedhiraai seyal paDudhae
ini kaaNa muDiyaatha maaTram
adhai mooDi maRaikkinDra thoTram
oru mounappuyal veesudhae
adhil manam thaTTu thaDumaarumo yea

poovil yenna putham puthu vaasam (2)
thendral kooDa sangeedhamaai veesum (2)
yaedho vandhu panneer mazhai thoovum (2)
yaaro inDru yengo manam thaeDum (2)

kaeTkaadha oasaighaL
idhazh thaaNDaadha vaarthaighaL
imai aaDaatha paarvaighaL
ivai naan konDa maaTranghaL
sol yennum oru nenjam
ennai nil yennum oru nenjam
edhir paarkkaamal en vaazhvil
oru poarkkaalam aarambam

irudhayamae thuDikkiradhaa?
thuDippathu pol naDikkiradhaa?
thulaithiDavaa maRaithiDavaa?
ragasiyamaai thavithiDavaa?
oru peNNin ninaivenna seiyyum?
ennai katthi illaamal koiyyum
idhil meeLa vazhi uLLadhae
iruppinum uLLam virumbaadhu oh yea

(vizhigaLin arughinil vaanam...)

PS : And I almost forgot .... I'll try my best not to include any Rahman numbers in the thread... warna to bas likhtaaaaaaaaaa hi rahoonga..... smile1.gif
Ok me back again to 'review' another new song. Going by the 25 views to this thread, I hope I'm not the only one visiting here. camera.gif unsure.gif

I pick a slow romantic SPB - Janaki duet for a change.

Song : malarae mounamA
Film : Karna (1995)
Singers : SPB and S. Janaki
MD : Vidyasagar
Lyrics :
Cast : Arjun, Ranjeetha (!!??)

Karna seems to be the MDs 2nd film. Also seems to be one of Arjun's earlier Tamil films immediately after Gentleman.

The pace of the song is excellent, with nice variations in every line by both SPB and SJ. The entire song has a brilliant romantic feel to it, not too loud and very soothing (except for loud beats at some places). Again, some nice use of pauses towards the end of each stanza.

Anyone has an idea which raagam / classical composition the song is based on ?? If theres one, I'd like to hear the original krithi / krithi on same raaga.

The overall feel is quite similar to the the Rehman number malarghaLae malarghaLae from Love Birds (1996) (ofc, interlude music in the ARR one is just bow.gif).
Back to mah thread ! wub.gif
Have been listening to a few new Tamil songs lately .... and me fast turning into a Harris Jeyraj pankha.
This song is from his recent movie... Thotti Jaya !! The name and cast (except for Gopika) didnt inspire me to take a look at the music album (hadnt singled out Harris Jeyraj then), until I heard this song on radio.
Very very pleasant song .... esp with his fav mascot Bombay Jayshree singing in her husky shekshy voice wub.gif

Song: Uyirae En Uyirae
Film: Totti Jaya (2005)
Singers: Karthik, Anuradha Sriram, Bombay Jayeshree
Music: Harris Jeyraj
Cast: Silambarasan, Gopika

Like the places where Bombay Jayshree sings... and esp the lines..
Yengaeyo Un Mugham Naan Paartha Nyaabagham
Yeppodho Unnudan Naan Vaazhndha Nyaabagham wub.gif
Ada!!!!!!!!! Vivz kalaamkaarthale thread revivalai paarthu ennukku rombo sandosham!!!!!!!!!!

Grrr link ennukku use illay sad1.gif Namma CTle irukkumaa inda paatu ??

N unsure.gif
CTle ??? wots CT ??

oh.. and Im updating all previous songs with the corresponding Raaga links for listening pleasure biggrin.gif
fight.gif CT earlier known as CG namakku ange neriya tamizh paatu kedaikkum illay marunditya ohmy.gif

Ada rama headbang.gif
Vivz Harris Jeyraj ellam super duper paatu list panni podu.. Me wanna collect biggrin.gif

N biggrin.gif
CT mein bhi hai...aur.. rolleyes.gif (from CT wunly ! tongue1.gif)

Haan..listing one by one.. keep patience biggrin.gif
jump.gif yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee me wants too biggrin.gif

Patience and me tongue1.gif two parallel lines that never meet laugh.gif

ps: loggin on yahoo pe at 9.30 am IST .. Latz our hfer on exile will be there too.. we have a lot to conspire tongue1.gif
Next one is from the film 12B !! (apun 8 LTD karke phillum banaayega.. roz Chembur se King's Circle !)

Havent watched the film .. though it stars both Jyothika and Simran in it wub.gif Saw the picturization onylrecently and Simran looks so gorgeous in a sari smile.gif First heard it a few years back (when I was discovering ARR's songs) and thought this to be a Rahman composition with Chitra and Unni Krishnan singing.

Turns out its Harris Jeyraj's second film ! Nice melodious music, nice singing..... mainly a female solo with a few male lines. Love the humming in between and during the antaras....

Song: Poovae Vaai Peisumbodhu
Film: 12B (2001)
Singers: Mahalakshmi Iyer, Harish Raghavendra
Music: Harris Jeyraj
Picturised on: Simran, Shaam
A diversion to one of the 'inspired' MDs in TFM today... Deva !
If only he didnt come up with occasional brilliances, I wouldnt have bothered listening to him !

This is quite an 'old' song from the late 90's. Havent seen the picturisation or recognise the cast, but very nice song and apt lyrics.... well one needs to be a forlorn lover to appreciate it wink.gif

Hariharan as always does a good job, music is decent and the female humming is nice too.

Song: Oru Mani Aditthaal
Film: Kaalamellaam Kaadhal Vaazhgha (1997)
Singer: Hariharan
Music: Deva

The mukhda goes like this:
Oru Mani Aditthaal Kannae Un Nyaabagham
Telephone Kuyilae Veindum Un Dharsanam
Podhum Kannae Nee Nadatthum Naadaghamae
Thoongumbodhum Thoongavillai Un Nyaabaghamae
Paadinaal Andha Paadalin Swaram Nee Adiyo
Theidinaal Vizhi Eeram Aavadhu Yaenadiyo
Btw Vivz guess what Latz says the Aparchita song (Iyengar veetu azhage ka hindi version) sounds good it seems ohmy.gif

Enna pannalam avvalai??

Ayyo ivvaluvu paatai ippo naan thedi pudikanum doh.gif
Vivz.. I am lissening on repeat mode the songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Superb!!!!!!!!!!!

clap2.gif clap2.gif Gimme more info for more such excellent compositions!!!!!!!!!!!!

N rolleyes.gif
naan vandaachu biggrin.gif ella paatum pm pannu Vivekaa biggrin.gif ...Nimmz...amaam di Hariharan nanna thaan paadi irukaan:p
Vandutaal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Innilendu naan poren exile le!!!!!!!!!!! Ippo Latz nee koothaadu seriya tongue1.gif
Hacker seidha kODumaiyaal ingu irundha pala pudhuppaattu viLakkangaL kaaNaama pOyi viTTadhu sad1.gif

marubaDiyum anniyan, ghajini, vaettaiyaaDu viLaiyaaDu, mattru pala padangaLil paaDiya paaTTughaLai list seiyya veNDi varum sad.gif

varum naatkaLil naan adhai seiyya muyarrcchi seighirein. piraghu sillinu oru kaadhal -- ippadatthil iru nal paattughaLaiyum list seighirein..

meenDum sandhikkum varai,
ippaDikki ungaLuDan viDai piravadhu,
ungaL anbukkuriya

Film: Jillinu Oru Kaadhal
Cast: Surya, Jyothika, Bhumika Chawla
(Probably Jyothika's last film for sometime sad.gif)
Year: 2006
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Vaali

Song: New York Nagaram.....
Rahman comes up with excellent vocals after sometime in Tamil !!! And whatta song !!
A lover desperately missing his beloved on a cold wintery New York night ....... sad.gif

New York nagaram uRangum neiram, thanimai aDarndhadhu.. paniyum paDarndhadhu..
kappal eRangiyae kaatrum karaiyil naDandhadhu..

When NewYork city went to sleep, loneliness came near.... and the snow spread wide...
(It was so lonely that) Even the wind alighted from the sails (of the ship) and started walking on shores...

naangu kannaaDi chuvargaLukkuLLae naanum mezhughuvatthiyum..
thanimai thanimaiyO.. koDumai koDumaiyO..

Inside the four glass walls, me and a candlelight
How lonely… how torturous…..

Stanza 1
paecchellaam thaalaaTTu pOla ennai uRanga veikka nee illai
nilavin oLiyin mutham thandhu kaalai coffee kudukka nee illai

You aren't here to put me to sleep with your lullaby-like talk
You aren't here to kiss me in the moonlight (kiss me goodnight) nor give me coffee in the morning

vizhiyil vizhum dhoosi thannai naaval eDukka nee ingu illai
manadhil ezhum kuzhappam thannai theerka nee ingE illai......

You aren't here to blow into my eyes when dirt falls into them
You aren't here to clear the confusions that arise in my heart

naan ingE neeyum angE, indha thanimaiyil nimishangaL varusham aanadhEnO ?
vaan ingE neelam angE, indha oovamaikku iruvarum viLakam aanadhEnO?

I'm here & you are there, why have minutes become years in this loneliness?
Sky is here & blue is there, why have we become an example to that simile?!

Stanza 2

naatkurippil nooru thaDavai undhan peiyarai ezhudhum en peina
Ezhudhiyadhum eRumbu moikka peiyarum aanadhenna theinaa?

My pen wrote your name a 100 times in my daily planner
For ants to come from all over just as I wrote, did your name too turn into honey?

jill enDru bhoomi irundhum, indha tharuNatthil kuLir kaalam kODai aanadhEnO?
vaa anbE neeyum vandhaal senthaNal kooDa panikaTTi pOla maaRumE....

Even in this chilly weather, why did this wintry moment turn into summer ?
Come beloved, if you do, even burning coal would turn into a snowball....
Edukku kadaisi padam da Vivz? Kalyanam aayitaa enna actingum vittuduvaalzhla ?

Lyricsukku rombo nandri smile.gif Ippo paattai thedi seluven!
QUOTE(Nimii @ Oct 6 2006, 06:26 PM) *
Edukku kadaisi padam da Vivz? Kalyanam aayitaa enna actingum vittuduvaalzhla ?
Appadi thaan rumours ! Many film sites report so .... sad1.gif
QUOTE(Nimii @ Oct 6 2006, 06:26 PM) *
Ippo paattai thedi seluven!
Paattai theidi engum sella vendaam !! Keittaal podhum.... aduttha nodi kidaitthu vidum wink.gif
Adutha nodi kidaikumaa adhu eppadi? Adhu oru buttonai thattinaal kaiyil paatu vandu vizhum automatic paatu yendiramah? unsure.gif
QUOTE(Nimii @ Oct 6 2006, 09:04 PM) *
Adutha nodi kidaikumaa adhu eppadi? Adhu oru buttonai thattinaal kaiyil paatu vandu vizhum automatic paatu yendiramah? unsure.gif
Aamaam ..orey oru button thaan azhutthaNam ! PM or YM !! Button ungaL choice ! wink.gif
Aha! Inda yennam yennakku varavillaye! Naan adharkku badilaaga Cooltoadil anda paatin varigalai ezhudi orey oru click adhithen! Paatu kidaithuvittadu ahaaaaaa arbhuthama paadal. ARR kural neriya naal piragu kekiren mellow.gif

Sabash Vivz! Vere edhaavuthu recommendation ullathaa?
Resuscitating the thread, I shall upload some new Tamil songs from time to time that have managed to catch my attention and taste. Would also include links to raaga or musicindiaonline for your online listening pleasure so that the non-Tamil folks (like Lata tongue1.gif) can first listen to them before downloading.

Mostly Rehman numbers (1990s) closely followed by Harris Jeyraj (post-2000).

Before going any further, let me upload a couple of songs that I have indicated in my earlier posts in this thread.
1. Malarae Mounamaa -- A soulful slow romantic duet by SPB and SJ (Post #4)
Click to view attachment
Source: Cooltoad

2. Oru Mani Aditthaal -- Hariharan solo with Chitra humming on a Deva tune ! ohmy.gif (Post #13)
Click to view attachment
Source: Cooltoad

More Rahman numbers coming up from the early 90s.....
Thanks Vivz rolleyes.gif bow.gif Rombo rombo nandri da.
Nimii !!! ohmy.gif .... I thought u already had these songs with you ! doh.gif
Anyways, kisiine to gaana download kiya ! biggrin.gif

A song from Gentleman coming up........... "soon" tongue1.gif
Illay da in fact I havent heard them too mad.gif

Gentleman song yes yes I have the cassette .. biggrin.gif Otagattai kattiko rollf.gif
Sorry for the detour!

I thought I'd rather trace Rehman's career chronologically from Wikipedia.... so the Gentleman's gotta wait! biggrin.gif

Rahman of course entered the Tamil and Hindi (and a slew of other regional languages') scene with Roja in 1993. This also fostered a musical partnership of Mani Ratnam - Rahman - Vairamuthu that has been immensely successful, both commercially and musically, to date... smile.gif

Its hard to pick one single track from Roja ... and its just too easily available to be uploaded here! tongue1.gif

The next film is Ashokan which I unfortunately dont find any trace of either at MIO or at Raaga ! unsure.gif

His next Tamil film was Uzhavan starring Prabhu and Bhanu Priya. You can listen to the songs here at MIO: Uzhavan
I shall upload the first song: Raakkozhi Rendu from the film sometime later.

Next film was Thiruda Thiruda (Hindi: Chor Chor) which personally I didnt find to be very musically appealing. In fact, for a long time I regarded Roja to be his best commercial score and thought he would never match up to it (including his films with Shankar). But then, other Mani Ratnam films happened! smile.gif Besides, it wasnt until early 2000's that I discovered some Rehman gems hidden is less successful commercial movies sad.gif

Moving on, next was Pudhiya Mugham (1993), which I'll upload one song at Lakshmi-ji's Tamil thread (being a Tandem tune !).

Finally, Gentleman ! ARR's first film with director Shankar. Remade in Hindi as Gentleman, almost all the tunes were re-used. Chikku Bukku Raile became the anthem of the nation and disco clubs, never mind that the lyrics hardly made any sense even to Tamilians ! wink2.gif

Rahman has always managed to include at least one classical based song in all his films... albeit most were rehashed versions of traditional krithis or bhajans. Nevertheless, in the cacophony that was in the post-Ilaiyaraja Tamil music scene, even rehashed carnatic tunes were melodious. And when top calibre singers like Hariharan, SPB and Unnikrishnan lent voice to these compositions, it was a breath of fresh air smile1.gif

A sample from Gentleman ..... Enn Veettu Thottatthil. Based on the traditional aarti bhajan -- by Arunagirinaathar Thiruppugazh -- in Senjurutti Raagam -- Naadha Vindhu Kalaadhi Namo Nama, it was a direct lift !! Nevertheless, to the disgust of my dad (a carnatic purist biggrin.gif), I just loved the adaptation, especially with SPB's voice in it !

Film: Gentleman (1993)
Song: Enn veettu thOttatthil (Linked to Raaga)
Singers: SPB, Sujatha
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Duration: 4:05
Quality: 160 kbps, 44 kHz
Source: Coolgoose
Click to view attachment
Other songs from Gentleman (and their Hindi counterparts):
Usilampatti Penkutty -- (Aashiqui Mein Hadd Se)
Chikku Bukku Raile -- (which remake / inspiration ?? tongue1.gif)
Ottagatthai Kattikko -- (Roop Suhaana Lagta Hai)
Paarkaathe Paarkaathe -- ??

Soon, Rehman was to realise that the only way of preventing Bollywood from lifting his tunes left, right and centre was to release the Hindi dubbed version simultaneously (as in many cases, the music was more popular than the films themselves!).
Vivz thanks da for the tracing ARR's early part of his career. I am unable to place the movie Ashokan. Yenda varusham da anda padam?

Chikku Bukku Raile - it was copied in one of the Govinda's movie right? unsure.gif

Male version of Kannukku Mai Azhaghu has been uploaded here.

Chikku Bukku Raile was copied into the title song of Raaja Babu... Bak Chik Bak Raaja Baabuuuuuuuu biggrin.gif
Ashokan is also 1993 apparently, according to my earlier wikipedia source unsure.gif

Another number in Pudhiya Mugham worth mention is: (violin pieces are just too good bow.gif)
Song: Netru Illaadha Maatram (first song at Raaga ... Idhu thaan kaadhal)
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Singer: Sujaatha
Hindi Version: Kal Nahiin Tha Woh Kya Hai from Vishwa Vidhaata (1997)

Shall upload it in the near future. Meanwhile here are the lyrics:

neiTru illAtha mATram yennadhu kATru enn kAdhil yEdho sonnadhu
idhuthAn kAdhal enbadhA? iLamai pongiviTTadhA
idhayam sindhiviTTadhA sol manamE.....

kaDavuL illai enDRein thAyai kANum varai
kanavu illai enDRein Asai thOnRum varai
kAdhal poiyenDRu sonnein unnai kANum varai
kavidhai variyin suvai artham puriyum varai
gangai neerin suvai kaDalin seirum varai
kAdhal suvai onDRu thAnE kATru veesum varai
neiTru illAtha mATram....

vAnam illAmalE bhUmi unDAghalAm
vArthai illAmalE bhAshai unDAghalAm
kAdhal illAmal pOnAl vAzhkkai unDAghumA
vAsam illAmalE vaNNapU pUkkalAm
vAsal illAmalE kATru vandhADalAm
neisam illAdha vAzhvil pAsam unDAghumA
neiTru illAtha mATram....
I like all the songs of Pudhiya Mugam. If you dont have July maatham vandaal .. let me know ninja.gif
Have July maadham too biggrin.gif ..though long way away from July sad1.gif So no Jodi seirum vayasu either cry.gif

But I thought its a more common fare from ARR..... doesnt have much of a Rehman stamp on it.... sad.gif The other two numbers definitely outscore this one biggrin.gif ... my opinion wunly tongue1.gif

PS: With the Chinese New Year coming up, did u know this is the year of the ...ahem.. Porky
Oink ! Oink ! rollf.gif
When is the chinakaaran pudhu varusham da? Porky ? aha! Marunduten naan wacko.gif

Yep that is true about July Maatham song tongue1.gif
Since only the two of us seem to be the wandering souls in this part of the forum, could you pls upload "Neitru Illaadha Maatram" from Pudhiya Mugham in good quality.

My file is a 56 kbps version probably recorded off Raaga or MIO! Couldnt find the file at CG / CT either sad.gif

Next.... a popular, rather time-pass number from Vaandi Solai Chinnarasu (1994) coming up! Starring Sathyaraj and Sukanya, the film seemingly sank without a trace. The music isnt great either... except that I happen to like this number biggrin.gif

U r not giving the meaning ohmy.gif .... angry.gif how will a NON Tamilian like me understand what these songs me dry.gif ...... and u better not laff at me .... agar galti se gaana gaa diya to..... w/o knowing the meaning cool.gif
Vivz ye kaun hai bhala idar non TAMILIAN guss ke aayi hai glare.gif Anyone I know re mellow.gif ninja.gif

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sure will upload the song ONLY for you love.gif ok!

Vivz I have both male/female versions. The Female is the fast one and the male version is slow re ohmy.gif
Agar bina meaning jaane gaana gaa diya to ismein galti kya !! doh.gif Kaash mujhe kuchh gaanon ke meanings pata na main khule-aam aise gaane gaa deta biggrin.gif
I have a few recommendations of songs for you to sing..... since u dont / wont know their meanings... u might as well sing them tongue1.gif
And whoever said Music has no language obviously didnt take u into consideration ! doh.gif
On special request from Vivz sweetiepie wub.gif

Uploading both version of Nethru illadha maatram yennadhu (btw shld I upload that Arizona version too re wink.gif )

Pudhiya Mugam
MD: ARR wub.gif

5:06 @ 128/44 kbps
Click to view attachment

Unni Menon & Sujatha (Slow version)
4:08 @ 128/44 kbps

Click to view attachment

Thanks, Nimii smile.gif Arizona version ?? From Vishwa Vidhaata ??? ohmy.gif headbang.gif
I think I have the slower version with me. I'll chk up my quality and then download your file (biggrin.gif ... aaj-kal sab soch samajhke karna padta hai! ... idhuthaan vaazhkkai yenbadhaa ? unsure.gif sadhiyin seirkkai yenbadha ? sad.gif tongue1.gif )
A chhed-chhaad song ...... the hero teasing the girl for wearing western outfits and her made up accent and mannerisms in spite of being ... what he calls ... a thamizhacchi

Song: senthamizhnATTu thamizhacchiyE (linked to Raaga)
Film: Vandi Solai Chinnarasu (1994)
Singer: Shahul Hameed
Qualtiy: 128 kbps, 44 kHz
Duration: 4:12
Source: Coolgoose
Click to view attachment

senthamizh nATTu thamizhacchiyE, seila uDuttha thayanguriyE doh.gif
nesavu seiyyum thirunATTil, neechal uDaiyil alayiriyE :drool:
kaNavan maTTum kANum azhaghai, kaDaigaL pOTTu kATTuriyE huh.gif

eLandha kATTil porandhava dhAnE, London model naDai edhukku? unsure.gif
kAnjipurangaL jolikinDra bOdhu, kAthu vAngum uDai edhukku? cool.gif
uDambu veirkkum ushNa nATTil, uRasi peisum style edhukku? ninja.gif
Takkar kungumam maNakum nATTil, sticker poTTu unakku edhukku? blink.gif
senthamizh nATTu thamizhacchiyE...

karpu yenbadhu pirpOkku illa, kavasam enDrE therinjikkaNum smile.gif
kATTril midhakkum kArkuzhal pinni, kanaga pookkaL aninjikaNum, biggrin.gif
pazhamai veiru, pazhasu veiru, veirubADu arinjikaNum, rolleyes.gif
puratchi engE, malarcchi engE, purunji neeyum naDandhukaNum, sleep.gif
senthamizh nATTu thamizhacchiyE....
Ailaaaaaaaaaa you suspecting my quality fight.gif glare.gif Ada paavi look.gif
Arizona version teriyaadha ohmy.gif

IPB Image, but then I won't blame you IPB Image hehehehehe!

Aha enda paatu da idhu? Iru download pannaren huh.gif
QUOTE(Nimii @ Feb 1 2007, 11:32 AM) *
Ailaaaaaaaaaa you suspecting my quality ... Ada paavi
Ailaa...... kisne tumhaare quality par shaq kiya !!! zara saamne to laana usey ! angry.gif
Hum to sirf humaare ratio ka khayaal rakh rahe the..... I had wunly chked qly of my fast version and found that 'twas 56 kbps.. so requested... aapne ek ke badle do-do upload kar diya,... ab slow version mere paas achhe quality mein hua to ??? (unlikely, though biggrin.gif)
QUOTE(Nimii @ Feb 1 2007, 11:32 AM) *
Arizona version teriyaadha ... IPB Image, but then I won't blame you IPB Image hehehehehe!
ye AZ version kya hai ? unsure.gif
Hridyanath you still can't guess which is the A-zona version ohmy.gif headbang.gif Yen thalaiezhuthu idhu ellam detailaa sollavendirukkuthu mellow.gif
Adi Nimii....ner la vanthu pattukkaren di unnai ....innam oru aanju maasam wait pannu ...... apparam husna ke laakhon rang thaan nyabagam varum ....atha upload pannatta biggrin.gif
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh blackmailaah ohmy.gif anyaayam glare.gif fight.gif
Calling for Nimii ..... camera.gif
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