A website (http://www.hindilyrix.com/singers/singer-saigal.html) mentions :

Saigal acted in 36 films of which 29 were in Hindi and seven in Bengali. He sang 150 film songs and 110 non-film songs and lent his voice to the creations of Ghalib, Zauk and others.

A website by Hamraaz (http://saigal.hamraaz.org)has a list of Saigal's songs in spreadsheet format (attached) and includes titles and/or names of films of 110 film songs, 37 non-film songs, 35 regioinal songs and mentions 10 more regional (bangla) songs to be added later.

Can Saigal lovers complete the list ?

I have a number of songs from this list and would be glad to post them.