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Full Version: I've no hopes on `Love in Nepal`
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Sonu Nigam bares his soul in this interview, sounding very hurt and let down by turn of events ... LOC and its music being ignored totally, no appreciation for hard work and no promotion of his film ... some wrong choices and decisions have left Sonu Nigam a bitterly hurt, but wiser man, looking to explore new horizions ...

Read on to find whats on his mind ....

I've no hopes on `Love in Nepal`: Sonu Nigam
By Subhash K Jha

Singer Sonu Nigam is all set to turn leading man once again. Is he happy? Sonu speaks to Subhash K Jha.

Congratulations on winning awards for your song in Kal Ho Naa Ho.
Thank you. But strangely my beautiful patriotic melody in LOC went unnoticed anyway everyday I learn something. Awards are like gifts. Accept them with grace and move on. Do not get hyper about it. Everyone goes through tension and agony during the awards season. Maybe I express it more vocally than others. Those who say awards dont matter are lying. Even Aamir Khan wants an Oscar even if he doesnt want the Indian awards.

Are you looking at Love In Nepal as a new beginning for your career as an actor?
Frankly Ive no hopes at all. It hasnt been properly marketed and I know it wont get a great opening. Its release was delayed by four months. My director Rajat Mukherjee has made a really slick product. The delay has taken away the shine. Both of us are very disappointed. Rajat has already left for the US. Im leaving tonight (a day before release). So we wont be here to see how Love In Nepal will fare.

So youre distancing yourself from the film?
Rajat and I have been really let down by some people involved with the film. I dont want to name them. The movie shouldve been released in October. Ironically its product worthy of success. Even a cynic like my friend composer Sandeep Chowta who hasnt liked my earlier films, loved Love In Nepal. When he saw the film he said the film should be released immediately. This was in September. I dont think the film can get a sufficient audience by word-of-mouth alone. Im leaving the country tonight.

Just to avoid your films release!
Well I was supposed to leave a day later for a press meet in the US for my interantional album. I just preponed my travel plans.

Are you disillusioned as an actor?
Not any more. I went through the worst possible circumstance after Kaash..Aap Hamare Hote. I had lots of hopes from that film. I was wrongly guided during that film. Nobody looked out for me during the making editing or marketing of Kaash My role was uneven. I made wrong decisions. But I am fast learner. At this very moment Ive a producer waiting in the next room. He wants me to watch a particular character in a film to make it with me in the lead. I may or may not do it. Im not dying to be an actor. I make more money singing for a month than I do for a whole acting assignment. I wont work in a hostile environment where I get paid peanuts and end up with a raw deal. But I blame only myself. I overruled the suggestions of people like Ram Gopal Varma, Ramesh Taurani and Akash Deep who advised me not to do the films that I did.

Why didnt they offer you roles instead of advice?
Ramesh Taurani did offer me a role. But his film got delayed, so I worked in the other films. I deserve what Im getting. Even if Love In Nepal flops I wont be broken, although its a far better film than Kaash Aap Hamare Hote.

Are you happy with your singing career?
Im already giving more than a hundred percent of myself to singing. Is sey zyada main aur kya doon? Im completely focussed on singing. Acting isnt a distraction. Lately the challenge of singing good film songs is missing. I think Kal Ho Naa Ho was the best film soundtrack of 2003, and not just because I sang in it. But twenty days back I sang the best song of my career for Govind Nihalanis Dev composed by Aadesh Shrivastava. I never knew I was such a good listener, ha ha. Its a classical song. Aadesh just composed the bandish (main riff) and left the rest to me. I had never sung a classical before, though Im a trained classical singer. Othewrise Im busy with my own album where Im composing my own songs.

And your international album?
Yes its called Spirit Unfolding. For the first time I will be introduced to the international media on 8 March in Hollywood. Sutapa Ghosh co-produced the album. The language is English. A couple of tunes are composed by me. When I called the American guitarists to play they were baffled by the quality of the sound. Its not world music. Its my-world music. I dont know how to classify the album. The well-known American pop singer Rita Coolidge sings three songs for me.

Are you happy with your life?
Yes. Ive kept my head on my shoulder. Im as concerned about my family as I am about my work. So I lead a balanced life. Im just taking a mini step into the international arena. No one knows me out there. It will take me some time. Im just knocking on another door.

Taken from Sonu Nigam Unlimited
Awwww sad.gif

Is sonu takin any acting lessons from such schools?
Sonu Nigam to settle in US!

He is broken hearted to such an extent he wants to live his motherland for good. sad.gif

Singer-cum-actor Sonu Nigam is disillusioned! The actor who has sung the title song of Main Hoon Na was not even invited to the music release function of the film. "This film industry is star oriented. So first comes the star. Then comes the director the producer and then the music director. It is only after them that the singers are acknowledged. It is not like that in the West." Sonu Nigam will soon air dash to Los Angeles to release his first English album. "The producers thought I could carry off the English songs with ease," he said. Sonu Nigam then revealed his plan to settle in the US. "The things will be better there. I will be given my due recognition." Sonu is also disappointed with Love In Nepal. "I already have two flops. Henceforth, I'm going to be very careful about the films that I do." Sonu feels that Love In Nepal has not been publicized well. "I don't know why? TP Aggarwal is not a poor financer," he said.
He can try his hand in Hollywood! Yo LA here comes the most famous actor of Bollywood smile.gif

Now Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks... and all the likes will shiver in their shoes sad.gif

Awwwwwwwwww Hollywood main kya hoga.

N :|
Wonder how his english album would churn out in hollywood.
QUOTE (Pradeep @ Mar 10 2004, 06:51 AM)
Wonder how his english album would churn out in hollywood.

ya sure to churn and bring out the butter and we have to drink the butter milk after that :E

N :E
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