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Full Version: Shreya-udit Concert Yesterday Evening
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Anyone attended?

Report coming up... biggrin.gif
It was great concert! Finally got to see Shreya Ghoshal and Udit Narayan from such close distance and listen to them in person.

Shreya sings fantastically and looks amazingly beautiful. smile1.gif

I have the list of songs they all sang. Well.. sort of like how program proceeded thru evening. So here goes...

The evening was arranged by organization named FFE - Foundation for Excellence. ( They help raise money for poor families in entire India whose children are doing excellent in school and have no money to pay for school. I think it was very good cause. The money raised thru the concert will help the organization.

Getting to the songs.. Ayub Patel (who was singer and also the host of the program), Prachee Shah, Aditya Narayan, Deepa Narayan accompanied the two main singers.

The program started out with Ayub Patel (wore black shirt, black pants) singing one recent song (which I have forgotten) and then "yeh mera prem patra padhkar..".

Them came Shreya (wearing lavender glittery ghaghra-choli-dupatta) and sand these songs in the order they are listed:

1. Silsila yeh chahat ka
2. Vada raha pyaar se
3. Chhan-chhan from Munna Bhai MBBS
4. Agar tum mil jaao, Zeher
5. Jaadu hai nasha hai
6. Lag jaa gale (original of Lata) (She said this was her most fav songs from old times and grew up singing songs like these)
7. Aye dil mujhe bataa de tu kis pe aa gaya hai (original by Geeta) (She mentioned, this singer's song are close to her heart and create emotions that can not be described)
8. Tadbeer se bigdi hui taqdeer bana le (original by Geeta)
9. Ey lo main haari piya (original by Geeta)
10. Maang ke saath tumhara (original by Asha)
11. Zara haule haule chalo more saajna
12. Bairi piya badaa bedardi, Devdas (She said this was her first recorded song and its very close to her heart and has special memories attached to it)

Shreya left the stage after singing "Bairi piya.."

Udit Narayan (wore black pants, black shirt and pink coat wink2.gif) was introduced to the audience as a singer who has sung more than 12,000 songs in last 20 years in total 26 languages... starting from his debut songs in Qayamat se qayamat tak to Bunty aur Babli.

1. Papa kehte hai bada naam karega (with dialogs)
2. Tere naam humne kiya hai
3. Laagi chhute na chhute na.. ishq.. (not sure which song is this)
4. Lai la lai la.. mera dil jiss dil pe fida hai ek dilruba hai
5. Agar main kahun mujhe tumse mohabbat hai
6. Jaadu teri nazar
7. Aye mere humsafar ek zara intezaar
8. Mujhe neend na aaye
9. Nasha yeh pyaar ka nasha hai
10. Jaanam dekh lo mit gayi dooriya main yahan

UN was mainly quite until this time and then made a few comments about the program organizers and the good cause for it. He said this was the first time he was in Cupertino, San Francisco Bay area and he was glad to be here. He thanked the audience and said he has gotten success because of well wishes and blessings of all his fans and that he will continue to sing til he lives.

He was so happy his song was in a movie that made it to Oscars. Next song was from Lagaan.

11. Sun mitva O mitva

After Ayub Patel's entry back on stage and audience cheering, Shreya (wearing pink sleeveless top, pants with glittery belt with black see-thru top, and black glittery dupatta) joined Udit Narayan to sing this duet. First song both the singers sang together in program.

12. Pehla nasha pehla khumaar (duet)
13. Bheed mein tanhaayi mein mujhe tum yaad aate ho (duet)
14. Hum tumko nigaahon mein iss tarah chhupa (duet)

Shreya left the stage after this song.

15. Main nikla gaddi leke (solo)

Prachee Shah (wore bright orange flared ghaghra-choli-sari) came on stage and did a Kathak dance on a classical non-film taped song by a male singer.


Aditya Narayan (wore black) was introduced now on stage. Singer who has sung songs like "tu mera dil tu meri jaan", "chhota baccha jaan ke hum ko", and songs in Rangeela.

1. Tumse milna baatein karna bada achha lagta hai
2. English song
3. Yeh tara woh tara har tara

(OMG! this kid has fantastic voice. His voice sounds just like an adult singing. Quite a lively singer, I think)

The host comes in and says "Bade Miyan To Bade Miyan, Chhote Miyan Subhaan Allah!" Aditya leaves the stage after thanking the audience.

Prachee Shah (wore same kind of dress but in light pink-light blue-light green) again came back on stage and did Kathak dance on two songs - Chalte chalte and Inhi logon ne from Pakeezah and then Kaahe chhe mohe from Devdas.

Shreya came back to sing.

1. Kiss ka hai yeh tumko intezaar main hoon na
2. Piyu bole from Parineeta
3. Tumhe jo maine dekha
4. Dola re dola re

Shreya said good-bye to the audience and Udit came back (wearing light blue glittery tuxedo with white shirt).

1. Aye ajnabee tu bhi kabhi
2. Chaand chhupa baadal mein

Deepa Narayan (in white glittery salvar) joined UN to sing the duets.

3. Kaho na pyaar hai
4. Bole chudiyan (KKKG)
5. Mehndi lagaa ke rakhna

The program ended and all singers came on stage together to sing "Saare jahan se achha". The audience got up from their seats to join them.

It was a wonderful musical evening!
QUOTE(Chitralekha @ Jun 19 2005, 11:22 PM)
Anyone attended?

Report coming up... biggrin.gif

I went there too, first of all they all sang beautifull...Udit sang unbelievable as well sherya and son of udit is simply amazing.....very strong voice when he sang his dad's songs , he was on top of his game,he sounded 90% like his dad, but he sang a song from someone like "Asher" or something(english song) i was not impressed at all, Udit's wife sounded excellent (a copy of Alka Yagnik)...............even though the singers were exteremly good , the hall was full, but me and my girl were ready to leave the concert after 20mins might wonder whyyyyyyyyyyy??????
Nobody in the whole hall was moving..........when Udit came on stage, for a while he was glued on the stage as well as sherya, but later on people were shouting "JHOSH, JHOSH" and sudenly i see udit moves his body a bit as well as sherya.....they would sing fast an some dancing song, but the audience were DEATH...musicians were first i tought they are pertending, but later on i realized they were all playing LIVE and again they wouldn't couldn't see ANYBODY
Last but not least...there was a guy who was doing the announcments he was soo good in announcing, but he was also singing with sherya her Duets....he was singing the male parts of "Do lare Do lare" and there is one part that i believe it's AR.Rahman or whomever the original singer is goes very high pitch and it goes like "Hey hey hey hey" somewhere at the end of that song, so the announcer couldn't go that high instead he went one(1) octave lower and filled it with "LA lala"
That is the exact reason why I liked it. I remember I went to a musical concert of Sonu Nigam and people were dancing, mind you I was up front next to stage dancing. Not that it wasnt fun but when it comes to music and singing I'd rather sit quietly and listen to the voices. Thats what I call a fun concert!
QUOTE(Chitralekha @ Jul 14 2005, 08:32 AM)
That is the exact reason why I liked it. I remember I went to a musical concert of Sonu Nigam and people were dancing, mind you I was up front next to stage dancing. Not that it wasnt fun but when it comes to music and singing I'd rather sit quietly and listen to the voices. Thats what I call a fun concert!

My theory of a concert is like when the singer sings fast or Jhoshi songs, audience and the singer should show a little bit of action as well a little bit of reaction....yes but when it comes to slow songs people should pay full attention to the singers, otherwise it sounds very boarring....i dont know if anybody ever see any concert of Guru (Kishore Kumar) when he was singing "Paan Banaaras or Mere Sapno ki Raani" He was dancing and moving , and it will make you feel that YOU are part of this sceen as well , same thing with sad songs he would sing "Chingaari koy badke"
the whole hall was all quiet and enjoing the lyrics and great composation and you can relate your self to the song.....
see if you are a singer , then you know what i mean .....when you sing a slow songs, you want people to just listen and enjoy, but when you sing a rythmic song, YOU expect people to show action ,otherwise you will LOOSE your mood
that's all my dear.. bow.gif bow.gif bow.gif bow.gif
Yea I guess I am more of a listener than a singer. biggrin.gif Lets not get into details of my singing abilities. tongue.gif
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