Sonu’s rising career but dripping marriage

Sonu Nigam has reached unparalleled heights in his singing. He is a top-notch singer of the industry right at this moment. He dominates both the Indipop and play back scenario. Without any background of formal music he rose to fame through the path of hardship and struggle and he is right now on cloud no. 9 in regard of his career.

With enormous film songs to his credit, he also has a list of successful music albums. Apart from playback singing, he believes that music album helps in compassing a singer’s talent. An album is a platform which gives the scope to present ones flair in a wider spectrum. His belief is true to his regard as he has climbed the ladder to success through music albums. The albums have brought in popularity and recognition giving a boost to his career. He released his latest album ‘Chanda Ki Doli’ recently. It’s an out-and-out romantic album.

However on the personal forefront Sonu Nigam is not a happy man right at this moment. His marriage is on rocks. His five-year old marriage with wife Madhurima is splitting. Sonu went for the decision keeping his career on the forefront. He didn’t want his craft to suffer due to his personal turmoil. So without any further delay he took the step. The reason behind the spilt is the common reason that every married couple face, the need for space. Reconciliation helped little to mend things he said. With romance creeping out his life, what does ‘Chanda Ki Doli’ have on hold!