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Full Version: An Ideal Home Is A Market's Bitch! Says Maheshbhat
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See and Listen Sania talk to Pooja Bedi about her love, Tennis. How difficult it has been and how much effort has gone into regular practices since the age of 6. She attributes her success to her Parents, her couch and her self. She is bold, beautiful and famous. She talks with some arrogance and speaks with style. At the age of 18 she feels she is 30 and she doesnt think while on court.

She is going to marry only after she quits Tennis. Who's wants to wait? tongue.gif

The video is in divX format. (10MB) (10MB) (10MB) (12MB) (11MB)
QUOTE(Pradeep @ Apr 7 2005, 12:35 PM)

She is going to marry only after she quits Tennis. Who's wants to wait? tongue.gif

Pradeep, considering that I am only sixteen at the moment, I can wait for another 10 years by which time she should certainly retire. laugh.gif
The largest circulated news paper of Hyderabad, Deccan Chronicle had an article which said Sania Mirza has approx 11,000+ marriage offers. Dont know how far its true.

BTW Anurag did you apply too? lol

An ideal home is a market's bitch! says Mahesh Bhat

Mahesh Bhat was the guest on Pooja Bedi's Just Pooja show. The topic is Divorces. Earlier on the show was Farhan Akhtar who spoke Divorces from children perspective. I missed this part hence could not capture. The 2nd part was more interesting with Mahesh speaking from parental perspective.

From an Indian scenario the prescribed morality is that a marriage is everything. A divorce is a total mess. We may not be as liberated as how western people see it. A divorce messes up a home, and more it influences how the children are going to see the marriage in future and perhaps run away from it. Mahesh shares his views saying that his muslim mother was his Brahmin's father's mistress. They were not married. Mahesh never resented it because he was happy with his mother. Even though his childhood friends mock on this issue, it never bothered him. What bothered him is that he was told to lie that his father is out of station and not the truth that he never lived with them. Mahesh says in his own words the tyranny of man kind is to impose a model and judge everybody's life by that standard. He adds that the problem is with the ideal of permanent relationships which are a myth and people struggle, lie, deceive each other to fit into that.

Listen and watch Mahesh Bhat talk about his selfishness and how he would go to any extent for gratification of his own desires for an alternate life.


Mahesh Bhat on Just Pooja - 1 ( 10.2MB )
Mahesh Bhat on Just Pooja - 2 ( 9.2MB )
I am unable to download any of the links
Pradeep Ji , Thanks for sharing the Videos with us. I could download only the 2nd
And 3rd files of Sania .. for other files I got this messege from RapidShare :

" File /files/3618312/ has been deleted.
Reason: No download for a longer period. Inactivity-timeout exceeded. "

But while downloading "Mahesh Bhatt Videos" I saw "Internal Server Error" ...
What can be done now Pradeep Ji ? Is there any Hope that we could watch all the
Videos that u uploaded ?
Pradeepji plzz. repost sania mirza'a interview...
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