Vadina Gaari Gaajulu

This film was made twice in Telugu. It was based on the hit Marathi film "Vahinchya Bangdaya" made in 1953. The first Telugu film "Vadina Gaari Gaajulu" was made in 1955. Th second was made with the same title 40 years later in 1955. The Marathi original was also made in Hindi as "Bhabhi ki Chudiyan" in 1961.

I have uploaded three songs from the 1955 version and five from the 1995 version in the "Three Reigning Queens" thread in the "Sangeet ke Sitarey" directory.

The songs from the 1955 version are available at the following location...;#entry698950

The songs from the 1995 version are uploaded at the following location...;#entry698951