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Full Version: Legacy - Asha Bhosle And Ali Akbar Khan
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Can someone please upload the songs from the Album - "Legacy - Asha Bhosle and Ali Akbar Khan"..

1 Guru Bandana (In Desh Malhar)
2 Hori (Kukubh Bilawal)
3 Tarana (In Adana)
4 Tarana (In Bhimpalasri)
5 Kheyal (In Gour Sarang)
6 Dhrupad (In Sankara Bharan)
7 Sadra (In Sankara Karan)
8 Tarana (In Mian Ki Malhar (Bidar Style))
9 Tarana (In Bhimpalasri (Sat Sangat Style))
10 Tarana (In Bhupali)
11 Hori (In Bhairavi)
12 Prayer (In Bhairavi)

Thank Yoou smile.gif
all songs
Type: audio
Info: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 320 kbps, 48000 Hz

1. Guru Bandana (Prayer) 5:38
2. Hori in Kukubh Bilawal 6:30
3. Tarana in Adana 2:28
4. Tarana in Bhimpalasri 8:26
5. Kheyal in Gour Sarang 7:22
6. Dhrupad in Sankara Bharan 10:50 Album Only
7. Sadra in Sankara Karan 6:46
8. Tarana in Mian Ki Malhar 5:05
9. Tarana in Bhimpalasri [Sat Sangat Style] 7:17
10. Tarana in Bhupali 4:02
11. Hori in Bhairavi 7:26
12. Prayer in Bhairavi 2:55

The maximum allowed bitrate is 192 kbps. Replace the files with 192 kbps files.

Thanks A Lot Yogi.. bow.gif smile.gif - eagerly waiting for others...
if anyone want then i will upload it again !!

Please do check this link out;#entry653911

Best regards
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