The links here are to some of Mahendra Kapoor's non film songs and ghazals. Recorded on cassettes from TV and radio earlier, the sound quality of some songs is quite low, some are incomoplete are the recording has begun from in between

A request to members who may have better versions of these songs to share them, please

1. Hairan hoon dil ko rou ke khichu jigar ko main - Mirza Ghalib

2. Ilahi koi tamanna nahin zamaane se

3. Nainan mein sakhi shyam samaye

4. Nazar nawaaz nazaron mein kho gaya hoon main

5. Sar uthakar na kabhi dekha kahan baithe the

6. Sat rang chunar nav rang paagh
madhur milan tyohar gagan mein
megh sajal bijli mein aag - Raag Kalavati