Recently started watching(on net ) Big boss after the Raju's cheer haran episode ! laugh.gif
Have watched almost all episodes from net ( As I dont have cable connection at home)

Didnt wanted to post/discuss on it but yesterday's episode where a apna banda -a Talented "composer"- Ismail darbar was kicked out by public was very upsetting ! This is one thing(musicians ) which is very close to my hurt ! Ye S**** actors shectors models saara credit le jaate hain ! Ismail was my fav artist apart from Raju. Once again proved Music artists have least amount of popularity ! TV ke actors, models, fashion designer are far ahead in popularity then a composer :-( Again a pinching reminder ! :-(
Never ever I had imagined this !

( Yes I know in "entertainment"(TRPs) terms Ismail might not be among the best ones.! Sometimes feel if we support like this...........lot of entertainment factors will be gone !)

In lil hurry !