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Full Version: Tagging Mp3 Files
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I've got a couple of thousand audio files (mostly mp3) and I've never really bothered about tags but did keep a consistent code for the file name e.g.

Old Filmi - 1958 Madhumati - Lata - Aaja Re Pardesi-sc.mp3

Genre - Year Album - Singer(s) - Song Title - MD abbreviated .mp3

Now the problem is that in Winamp, the file tags showed instead of the file name e.g. the above may show as Track12 which makes it meaningless until I doubleclick to hear it.

Over the weekend, I thought I'd remove all the tags and add the file name as a tag. Don't ask me which SW's I used but I totally killed the tags! Now I have all kind of tags most of which are incorrect - a real mess and there is no way to roll back my accomplishment!!!

I have a listing of all the files in excel + separate columns for genre, year, album, singers, title etc. Is there any tool (with excel interface) which I can use to mass tag through the excel detail?

Any suggestions appreciated. I'm usually quite IT savvy but haven't worked much with mp3 till recently so not much knowledge on the audio side.

Kind Regards
This may work for you.
NOTE - I have not used this tool so can't guarantee success.
Thanks Rajnish ji. I also have hundreds of songs which are not tagged. I will also try to use this utility.


I use this program, though not for the purpose you intend Faraaj ji. It has the capability to create tags from file names, that should be useful in your case.
Thanks for the pointers Rajnish Ji and Talaikya Ji....will check out both softwares....

Kind Regards
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