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Full Version: Ghantasala...the Evergreen Voice ..
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Ghantasala needs no introduction for music lovers all over the world. It is unfortunate that He passed away so young, aged 52 years, in 1974. He was born on 4th December, 1922.
Today all over Andhra Pradesh, many music competitions are being conducted to commemorate this occasion.
I would like to upload a picture of the Great Man ... A song which is the telugu original version of the song " Kuhu kuhu bole koyaliya..." from Suvarna Sundari, with the introduction from Ghantasala himself during a radio program..
We are deeply indebted to this Genius..for enriching our lives with His contribution. May His soul rest in peace.

Ghantasala is known for a Unique sing a Padyam ( Poem ) which has always been a speciality of Telugu movies. He gave an unmatched brilliance in rendering these poems..with his vocals soaring to the highest of the scales possible. Here is a snippet of his unmatched prowess from the film Mahakavi Kalidasu where He praises the Goddess Kali..Indeed we are gifted.

First the Picture...

IPB Image

A commemorative stamp released on His name..

IPB Image

then the song...Haayi haayi ga aamani saage...
Suvarna Sundari
Adinarayana Rao
Ghantasala, Jikki Krishnaveni

Finally the Poem in unmatched brilliance..
Wow, thanks buddy for such a nice tribute to a great legend.

Nice pic and a very melodious song!

Thanks SF bhai for that nice tribute on Ghantasala rolleyes.gif

Here's one from me..

P Susheela singing with him.. from Enge veetu lakshmi (movie dates back to 1950's - not been able to get the right info).

Adi paadi velai sainja.. (a tamil song)

128 kbps --- 3.35 minutes

Click to view attachment
How time flies !!
It is one year since i posted this thread..and the Maestro's 87th Birthday has arrived !
This time around i would like to upload some of the finest verses sung by Him.......padyaalu. The art of singing out verses aloud in every mood, may be it in romance or anger or frustration or any other emotion is pioneered and mastered by Ghantasala. Never before or never after Him shall we see a voice so suited for the performances on screen..
Here is the epitome of Romance ...when a king submits totally before a woman where he even utters that She is the only solace and Mukti for him !! In just 48 seconds...Ghantasala conveys how much a man can love a woman..and where he places her.. rolleyes.gif

Yechatano gala svargammu...
Kanchu Kota

Writing down the meaning...just for appreciation.. smile.gif

Yechatano gala svargammu nichata dinchi...
Heaven from somewhere has been brought down here...

Nannu muripinchi...marapinchinaavu..
by you to entertain and console me..


Neeve Jeevithadharamu...
You are my lifeline..

Neeve dikku..
You are my last resort..

Needu paadala saakshi ga..Neeve raksha..
Swear on your are my Saviour..

None could break the complex words so beautifully like Ghantasala. In Hindi, the equivalent should be Rafi Sahab who glides over the tongue twisting Urdu words...we laymen need to have a dictionary to know how beautifully He breaks them up without spoiling the meaning or emotion.....
Since the King is inebriated...the hics and hiccups are an added attraction...and how natural they sound !
I swear that Geniuses like these dont happen twice....They live forever in our Hearts.
May His Soul rest in peace....
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