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Full Version: Ipod Help
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I have got a problem with my ipod,

i have converted a video of youtube and it is in the right format i chose ipod classic

when i play it a picture of the video comes up with sound thats it, the picture doesnt move

on the left side is the picture and on the right is a little tv icon

does anyone know what is wrong???
hmmm not sure there..
try copy video from youtube using tubesock. it never gives any problem.
happy trying.
so you converted from flv format to mov or mp4.

Does it play using QuickTime. do "Show Movie Inspector" and tell us what format does it say.
If it doesn't play in QuickTime or iTunes then it is not going to play in iPod.
Another problem,

when i connect my ipod automatically it use to open ipods when the ipod connected in there, now it doesnt and the ipod itself cannot be seen in itunes, i have re installed the program, that done the trick then when i wanted to use it again im back to square one!!!
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