Purchasing an operating system used to be simple because your choices were very limited. You could choose between this version or that one. With Windows XP, we saw four different versions of the operating system and now Windows Vista things get a little more complicated. The latest release of the Microsoft Windows family comes in five different versions:
  • Home Basic - As the name implies, this version contains basic operating system features, with none of the bells and whistles. This version is suitable for most average home users.
  • Home Premium - This version is designed for more advanced home users. It contains additional functionality not included with the Home Basic edition.
  • Vista Business - Contains standard business features required for a corporate desktop computer. This version is comparable to Windows XP Professional.
  • Vista Enterprise - Contains advanced features such as the BitLocker Drive Encryption, application compatibility tools and support for multiple languages.
  • Vista Ultimate - Contains all the features found in the home and business editions of Vista and includes the Windows Media Center.