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Can we have few such names whose writing skills are best in the forum !


PS : Ignore my spelling mistakes and I "am" dont having complaint for poor english nor Iam having jealousy. tongue1.gif
Simplefable, Madhavi, Binod , Suhas(mandrake) , Sajdah, Noorie, Deewani , Nidhi , Rajnish and Bhibhas come to my mind.

Nice thread sonu !


Best Regards
Yes agree many of these names are good writers.


Ps : edited my original post
Lakshmi thanks a lot for putting my
Sonu bhai... language mein kya hai ? Agar main hindi bolne laga to..sab idhar se gaayab hojayenge.. !!
Jahan main rehta hoon, udhar hindi mein baat karnekeliye koi naheen milta.. Sirf Yehi Gaane hum ko yaad dilate Hindi / urdu kitna achhe, meethe aur saral bhasha hain...!! Now you know my hindi prowess... smile.gif
SF, why didn't you add Lakshmi's name to the list? :grr:
Shivani too is extremely articulate.
Some missing members (they have left for various reasons) like Hits, Priya and a few others were also very very good at expressing themselves. One has to only search back to confirm this.

Thanks Lakshmi bow.gif
Oye Sonu puttar, long time no hear...
Hey Suhas...Lakshmi is already the second row... smile.gif
Sorry Lakshmi...for this unforgivable blasphemy.
for this unforgivable blasphemy.
I am a little perplexed. Being blasphemous is akin to being sacrilegious. You were no where near that. Pun intended.

I presume we do not require certificates of merit in the English Language. Some are articulate & eloquent in speech. They do have the gift of the gab & keep the audience captivated.

Some express the intensity of their thoughts by way of the written word. Most netizens are great writers, some could be called ghost writers, some copy & paste, some interpolate copied text with their own. There are many who though well versed with the English language, would rather communicate in a manner that is trite. That is fine & acceptable, as it serves the purpose of chatting & internet communication. Most everyone is behind a smoke screen, hence being judgmental on the language skills of others may be way off the mark. We are not in a language class.
I find Faraaj also quite good.

P.S. Sonu bhai ke plan ae naa lai ke? Kuch likhwan da plan ae sab writers ton? smile.gif
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