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Full Version: Ashaji Is 75!!!!!
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Ashaji is 75 Her Amrut Mahotsav Birthday.. Let us all wish her a long long melodious and scintillating life.

Thanks Chetanbhai for the thread! wub.gif

Wishing Asha Tai a Very Very Happy Birthday. cake.gif gift.gif biggrin.gif
Many many happy returns of the day...Ashaji party2.gif

We all love you and your voice will resound in our hearts forever.... wub.gif
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Q : Who are the people who have influenced you in life and in what way ?
A : How to be a playback singer, these lessons I learnt from kishore Kumar. Listening his songs, I have learnt a lot. I could develop myself. Didi always inspired me in a great way. She really sings awesomely. I copy her but sing in my own style. If you talk about music directors, RDBurman taught me to sing completely in a differnet manner. He changed my style of singing. Pure hindustani singing was taught by Khaiyyaam, Madan Mohan & Jaidev. I had to be serious towards hindustani music when I was singing with these music directors. I had at the back of my mind that I should have a proper trained voice. In contrast, while singing with Pancham, I had to think modern.Different way of working, feelings were given to me by these people.

Q : You were capable of handling these innovative and different singing and therefore you were given these kind of songs by the music directors ?
A : Yes you can say that if you wish. Pancham used to tell me "Asha, you are singing so I am taking the risk of composing such songs. I dont have the courage to tell anybody else to sing this." You listen to the songs of 70's of Pancham and then you will believe me.

Q : Jaidev or Madan Mohan gave you beautiful and convincing songs but they did not get the popularity. Why so ?
A : Because there is a very limited bunch of people listening to these kind of songs. They listen to these kind of songs. Pancham's music broke all borders, and hence he got a place within all categories of people. His music was always ahead of time.

she also says that hopefully her autobio would be published this year ( she wants to write a lot more about the full industry - i.e. musicians, personalities, musicians etc )

Happy birthday !!
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Jaiye aap kahan jayenge..
film mere sanam
music op nayyar
lyrics Majrooh
128 kbps
duration 6.30 mts
Wishing Ashabai a very happy birthday!! smile.gif smile.gif

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as the title of the image says - He Jeevan Sundar Aahe..

This Life is Beautiful... smile.gif

Image from Loksatta - a Marathi Daily, by Gautam Rajadhyaksha.

Many Happy Returns Of The Day Asha ji


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Image - Thanks to Loksatta - a leading Marathi Daily

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