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Full Version: Warning - Result Of Zee Saregamapa Included !!
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Although its already on the internet everywhere......

FINALLY my guess factor on Saregamapa remains intact !!! almost all the
times I have guessed the winner right before the contest !!!!!


Debojit wins Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge!

rediff Entertainment Bureau | February 24, 2006 22:35 IST

I don't believe in winning or losing," said Debojit Saha earlier today.
He no longer has a choice.

The 29-year old from Silchar, Assam, has won Zee TV's Sa Re Ga Ma Pa
Challenge 2005, beating 17-year old Vinit Singh in a closely fought and
much-watched contest.

Debojit, a civil engineer by profession, came to Mumbai three years ago
to pursue a career in singing. He says it was his wife who played an
instrumental role in making sure he stuck to his agenda. Assam voted in
full force, but the rest of the nation appears to have chipped in as
well, considering tonight's results.

Another interesting thing the winner said earlier was how he wanted to
be a common man all his life. Tough luck, Debojit. You're famous!


'I don't believe in winning or losing'

Patcy N | February 24, 2006
Born in Silchar, Assam, Debojit Saha came to Mumbai three years ago to
pursue a career in singing. The 29-year old, who is a civil engineer
and works in the Public Works Department, is now the apple of the
nation's eye. He seems set to win Zee TV's Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge in
tonight's finals.

The only reason he is in Mumbai, he says, is his wife. On the eve of
the grand finale, he speaks to Patcy N about his passion for music, his
experiences at the contest and more.

"I have two elder brothers and sisters. My mother, who dreamt of me
becoming a singer, is no more. When I was in class six, I was
interested in drawing. But, whenever I had to draw, I needed music in
the background. I don't know when I lost interest in drawing and music
became my passion. After school, I began doing local shows. I
auditioned for radio and television and was selected.

As I am Bengali, I am inspired by Rabindra sangeet. I have learnt a lot
from old Hindi songs too. I am a big fan of Kishoreda (Kumar) and
always sing his songs. My favourite song, however, is Ai Zindagi Gale
Laga Le from Sadma, sung by Suresh Wadkar. Listening to them all, I
have formed my own style.

I married Bandana Paul three years ago. She insisted that we settle in
Mumbai. My wife is a fashion designer and, before we were married, she
worked in Delhi while I was in Assam. It was a love marriage. We
connected with each other because of music. We met at a function and
started going to each other's houses. Though there was nothing between
us when we met, we gradually started liking each other. My wife is a
classical singer too, and she liked my singing.

I proposed to her in 2001. After marriage, everything in my life
changed. I never thought I would leave my government job and come to
Mumbai ever. But my wife was ambitious and always thought of coming and
making it big here. After our marriage, she forgot her career and
started taking an interest in mine. We left Assam and came to Mumbai.
We had to struggle a lot for the first six months, until she got a job.

It has been almost three and half years since I came here. I tried
searching for a job too, but my wife told me that doing anything apart
from singing made no sense as we had left everything to come to Mumbai.
So, getting a singing assignment was a one-point program. She was very
supportive. After my parents, if there is anyone who has changed and
influenced my life, it is Bandana.

I started working with Pritam Chakraborty as his assistant. I joined
him to learn the ways of the industry. I got offers to sing for serials
like Kyun Hota Hai Pyar, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Bhabhi and
Saath Phere Saloni Ka Safar. I also sang a scratch of a song for Pritam
(sung before the lyrics and tune are finalised). It was for a movie
called Sayaad that was never made.

My music guru in Mumbai, Askaran Sharma, insisted I take part in all
competitions. I never participated because I thought I couldn't sing in
any competition. I come from a very small town and was scared to face
huge crowds.

For the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2005, we were all staying in a
bungalow in Jogeshwari. But as I had a house close by, I would
sometimes go home. I am a bit of an introvert and don't speak much. At
the same time, I am friendly with everyone. I was very close to Nihira
and Paresh.

smail Durbar and I got very emotional the day he tied a gaanda (the
thread tied around a student's wrist by his teacher) on my hand. But I
was still not that free with him. I was very scared of him. As the
number of contestants decreased, we started getting closer. He also
started feeling confident about me. I started going to his house very
often. He scolds trained singers when they make mistake and we were
just amateurs in front of him. He is an instrumentalist. And they are
very sharp. Even if we were to make the slightest mistake, he would
catch it and yell at us. He was very adamant that we work well.

I remember the day I sang Humma from the film Bombay. He came and
kissed me because it was a big change in my singing style. After that,
I sang all kinds of songs by all kinds of singers.

Sa Re Ga Ma was a very educative journey for me. I have learnt a lot --
how to appear on stage, choreography, how to face the media. When I was
pulled in this ULFA controversy, I was not that upset. But when my
fellow contestants walked out, I felt very bad because I had always
treated them like brothers and sisters. But I have forgiven them all.

I don't believe in winning or losing. All the finalists were good. We
got tremendous support from the audience. Now, we are above winning or
losing. I would say my audience's love is more important to me than
winning or losing.

I loved my stage performance in Kolkata, which I did recently. Not
because I am a Bengali, but because it is a musical city. I never
thought I would be so well received in Delhi.

I have received mail from supporters around the world, but I still
don't feel like a star. I don't want that feeling to ever come to me. I
have always been a common man and would like to stay that way. I have
not changed at all. The only thing is I get too many calls and people
have started recognising me. I still dress the same way and eat the
same food. I have started travelling by car more though. Earlier, it
was by bus or train.

Yesterday, I travelled by train and it was a great feeling I had to go
to Vikram Phadnis' showroom for a costume trial and I was getting late
so I went by train. Half the crowd went mad seeing me. Some couldn't
believe it was me. Others wanted me to speak on their cell phones to
their brothers, mothers, sisters and fianc?s. It was great. I always
want to be among the common people. I don't want to stay alone all by

I have recently sung a song for Ismail Durbar. I have also got a song
from Pritam Chakraborty. Sanjay Leela Bhansali has also told me to sing
a song for his next movie. Subhash Ghai liked my voice, so I might get
an offer from him. I have also got lots of offers from Kolkata and
Assam, for private albums and films.
Bawra Jay
No offense KCP bhai but lets wait and watch how far he goes..... From whatever I've heard .... from the die hard fans of Sa Re Ga Ma viewers and close associates to bollywood music..... he is not the first choice of many ......
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