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Mohd. Rafi – The Voice That Changed The Course Of Indian Movie Music Forever.

, Birthday Thoughts

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> Mohd. Rafi – The Voice That Changed The Course Of Indian Movie Music Forever., Birthday Thoughts
post Dec 24 2006, 01:06 AM
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It is that time of the year again – the season of goodwill and bonhomie when all is supposed to be well with the world. And true to spirit, it was on this day in the year 1924 a Mohd. Rafi is born.

An introduction to Rafi sahab or his music would be considered heresy; for his is a voice that needs no introduction, universally loved, admired and revered as he is.
If Music as they say has a soul, then that soul couldn’t have found a more befitting way to show its truer element than it does in the voice of Rafi sahab.

It wasn’t that Rafi sahab sang the songs that came his way so perfect that no one, but no one could have rendered then better – that achievement in excellence might be his very own, but the way he unconsciously ( consciously ? ) draws out the best in us ( the listeners ) – what of that ?
For inherent in his voice is that calming force that would check the very Devil on his wake.
His was a persona that would show a person in the glass for what they are – and reform them too. His goodness reflected in his voice, he might even be called a faith healer of a sort – for he always has and always will exert a positive influence on those who are in need of his healing touch.

Time winds to a stop when he sings. Peace reigns, troubles forgotten – you wish the moment would last forever.
An expressive face is considered to be an asset for every aspiring actor.
An expressive voice might be judged on the same plane, only that not everyone, aspiring singer or otherwise are lucky enough to possess this winsome quality.
And one facet that adds to the rare beauty of Rafi sahab’s voice is in its infinite expressiveness. Only wild Nature can ever hope to match the sheer intensity of power and passion that are held captive in his vocals.

A voice that’s ever pleasing, ever inspiring, ever entrancing – that’s our Rafi sahab.

Talent and goodness rarely go together, and when they do – you are awed by it. Dwarfed in its very presence. That is our Rafi sahab – he never had any flaws that he could call his own; his worth needing no validation whatsoever.
This isn’t yet another of those familiar sycophantic fan tributes - not to me, it isn’t.

Ho can a b’day celebration be complete without the customary gifts ? And knowing what would please you Rafi sahab, we’ve brought you the only gifts that cannot possibly be bought from any ‘store’ in the world. The gift of love, admiration, of veneration. The Universe Created thrice over wouldn’t be enough to hold them all.
For what you’ve given us is more than we’ll ever fathom or even deserve.
I would only be echoing what everyone knows and wish to say, is the Truth that Life would be a dreary, miserable place were it not lit up by the beauty of your songs.

Your voice Rafi sahab, is the only sanctuary that ever really comforted us often – in grief, in disappointment, in ill health and in pain. Many a pill has failed when just the gentle strains of a dearly loved song given voice by you have been known to work miracles. Miracle – that’s what your voice is. And you.

There are very few singers’ in this world who could hold sway over people’s hearts and souls, defying Time and Age – and you easily belong there.
Your immortality was ensured in every song you gave life to. Father Time rules its tyrannical hand over everything, but even he had to retreat disappointed before you. And why not ?
Life smiles and weeps through your voice. It couldn’t have chosen a better medium to express itself.

In an ugly, crazed world, yours is the voice of sanity that unifies where no unity seems possible.
Is that too just the charm at work or is it something more ? The Unseen Power at Work ?

There’s supposed to be an affinity between seasons and personality. If that’s true then why doesn’t it work for you ? The icy, chill of bleak December with your sunny, ever smiling persona. Affinity ?
I don’t see any.

The genial, gentle singer with the most genuine smile the world has ever seen. A singer and a gentleman – that’s the way we choose to remember you, Rafi sahab.

Never thought that God could be so selfish wanting to keep you all to Himself. Well, He got the math all wrong – for once.
Each day brings with it only an excuse to love you more – as if that’s even possible. We never would have known what true joy, peace, serenity, bliss is weren’t for the many beautiful songs that you gifted us with.
Your life, your music, everything about you is an inspiration to us. Then, now and ever.

We love you and your soul-captivating voice. Truth be told, I can’t quite decide what I am more enamoured with – the voice or the person ? Happily, I am not alone in this dilemma.

Most folks ( the rest hate to celebrate theirs at all ! ) get to celebrate their birthdays just once a year – and we celebrate yours every day, whenever we hear a song of yours.
And yet, here’s the interesting twist to the ‘riddle’ – you remain ever young in our minds and hearts. That’s how it should be – will always be.

You might have parted from us, but we certainly are in no mind to part with you – not quite. Not ever.

Eternal peace be with you Rafi sahab. Ameen.


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"I live for those who love me, For those who know me true;
For the heaven so blue above me,
And the good that I can do."
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