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10 Films Off All Time Which You Think Are Under Rated

, Please add your 10!

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> 10 Films Off All Time Which You Think Are Under Rated, Please add your 10!
post Apr 1 2006, 02:20 AM
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Hi Friends which films do you think (personally where magnificent) where critics have slaughtered them.

1. Jai Vikraanta (1995)

Attached Image

Starring : Sanjay Dutt, Zeba Bahktiar, Sabiha, Mukesh Khanna, Shabaz Khan, Ranjeet.

Producer : Sultan Ahmed

Director : Sultan Ahmed

Music : Anand Milind

Lyrics : Sameer

I thought this film was under rated because to me this film had an different story at the time it was relesed. Sanjay Dutt acting was briliant (as usual), Zeba used her ' lollywood' acting. The film was like a family film really there was nothing vulgar included in it. There was one downfall about the film, it was not released in a good print on video when it was out new, it looked like if it was recorded from a cinema. It was an pirate print, i think Sultan Ahmed had chose cheap distributors for this film. The music of this film was good it had 2 nice numbers which i still like to this day, 'Pyar Ikraar Mere' by Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik & 'Rishta Tera Mera Sab Se' by Pankaj Udhas.

This is what a website had to say about this film:

The film was a loser in all circuits in the first week itself. Despite the presence of Sanjay Dutt, the film failed to get a decent initial. It was expected to do better in the rural north due to the film's subject and did well in U.P. and Bihar. The weak story-line and poor music were the film's liabilities.

2. Geraftaar (1985)

Attached Image

Music: Bappi Lahiri

Producer S. Ramanathan

Director Prayagraj

Kamal Hassan .... Kishan Kumar Khanna
Poonam Dhillon .... Anuradha Saxena
Madhavi .... Inspector Geeta Sinha
Ranjeet .... Ranjit Saxena
Shakti Kapoor .... Chutkiram (Vaidyanath's son)
Kader Khan .... Vaidyanath
Nirupa Roy .... Mrs. Durga Kapilkumar Khanna
Aruna Irani .... Gulabo (Vaidyanath's wife)
Rabia Amin .... Lucy
Renu Joshi .... Hussein's mom
Om Shivpuri .... Police Commissioner Sinha (Geeta's dad)
Satyen Kappu .... Kapil Kumar Khanna (Karan and Kishan's dad)
Pinchoo Kapoor .... Judge
Rajnikanth .... Inspector Hussein (as Rajnikant)
Amitabh Bachchan ..... Inspector Karan

Rajnikanth, Amitabh Bachchan and Kamal Hasan star in this classic tale of the clash of money and innocence, Kishen (Kamal Hasan) and Karan Khanna (Amitabh Bachchan), are two brothers separated at birth, when their father Kapil (Kadar Khan), a security officer, is killed by a pair of dangerous smugglers, Ranjit (Ranjit) and Vedant (Shakti Kapoor). Kishen falls in love with a girl (Poonam Dhillon) and is devastated to discover that her brother is none other than his old enemy Ranjit. Ranjit now frames Kishen for a murder.

Meanwhile Karan falls foul of the law when his best friend, a police officer, Hussain (Rajnikanth) is killed in an encounter and Karan decides to seek revenge. Here he comes up against police officer Geeta (Madhavi), with whom he falls in love. How the two brothers find justice and reunite their scattered family, makes up the plot of this thrilling drama. The film is directed by Prayaag Raj and has music by Bappi Lahiri. Hit songs include 'Dhoop Mein Nikla' and 'Aana Jaana'.

3. Jeeva (1986)

Attached Image

Directed by
Raj N. Sippy

Music: RD Burman

Starring: Sanjay Dutt .... Jeeva/Jeevan Thakur
Amjad Khan .... Sardar
Shakti Kapoor .... Lakhan
Sachin .... Gopal Singh
Gulshan Grover
Anupam Kher .... Inspector Dushant Singh
Pran .... Lala
Shreeram Lagoo (as Dr. Shreeram Lagoo)
Abducted by dacoits at a very young age, Jeevan Thakur himself becomes a dacoit and becomes a legend of his own by creating terror and fear in the surrounding countryside, and comes to be known as Jeeva. Police Inspector Dushant Singh has been assigned the task of apprehending dacoits in the region, and he sets off to hunt them down one by one. Jeeva wants to avenge his sufferings at the hands of moneylender Lala, and sets off to do this. The sardar of the dacoits is killed, and the dacoits elect Lakhan to be their leader. Lakhan is opposed to Jeeva and Gopal Singh, and both flee from them. With the police on their tracks, Jeeva and Gopal must also dodge Lakhan and his gang, and at the same time attempt to get even with Lala. This film had Gulshan Grover, Amjad Khan, Pran, Shakti Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Anupam Kher (sp. apperance) together in one film.

4. Allah-Rakha (1986)

Attached Image

Directed by
Ketan Desai

Bindu .... Banoo
Biswajeet .... Inspector Anwar
Chandrashekhar .... Dr. Sharma
Bob Christo .... Don
Danny Denzongpa
Ramesh Deo .... Police Inspector
Gulshan Grover .... Inspector Jaffar
Aruna Irani .... Razia Khan
Dimple Kapadia .... Julie
Goga Kapoor .... Goga
Shammi Kapoor .... Karim Khan
Anupam Kher .... R.S. Khera
Mac Mohan
Waheeda Rehman .... Advocate Salma Anwar
Meenakshi Sheshadri .... Rani
Jackie Shroff .... Allah Rakha/Iqbal Anwar

Music: Anu Malik
Karim Khan is employed as driver for a gangster named Don, who has an accident with his car, and asks Karim to take the blame for it for a hefty sum of cash, which Karim does so, and is imprisoned. But Don does not fulfill his promise, and as a result, Karim's wife, Razia, and new-born son are left destitute. Razia complains to Police Inspector Anwar, who arrests Don and holds him in prison, pending his trial in court. When Anwar finds out that his new-born son, Iqbal, is in need of a pace-maker, which he is unable to afford, he makes a compromise with Don, who lets him have one. Iqbal undergoes surgery and a pace-maker number 786, considered lucky in Islamic faith, is attached to his tiny heart. But Don and a prostitute by the name of Banoo have other plans for Anwar, which they carry out successfully, and abduct young Iqbal, who ends up growing on the streets as an orphan named Allah Rakha. Several years later, Allah Rakha has grown up, and is friendly with a prostitute named Rani, who happens to be the daughter of Banoo. When News-reporter decides to do TV report on Rani's life, she does not realize that she has opened up a Pandora's box, that will bring the past back to life, and expose her life to danger, deceit, and possible death.

Every song in this was a hit, the film it self was excellent but was considered one of Jackie's flops!!!

5. Naamcheen (1991)

Attached Image

Directed by
Ajit Dewani

Original Music by
Anu Malik

Gulshan Grover .... Rana
Suhas Joshi .... Rajan's mom
Raza Murad .... Jaleel
Aditya Pancholi .... Rajan
Rajendranath .... Victim of multiple assaults
Jagdish Raj .... Rajan's dad
Satish Shah .... Satiya
Ekta Sohini .... Jyoti
Sripradha .... Sana (Rajan's sister

Rajan belongs to a poor family living in Bombay, consisting of his mom, dad, and two sisters, one of which is Sana who is of marriageable age. The family cannot afford the marriage, as Rs.50,000 are needed. Rajan confides about to his friend, Satiya, who takes him to a local gangster, Rana, who immediately hands over the money to him without any conditions. Sana's marriage takes place, and Rajan is indebted to Rana for life. He is asked to join his gang and gets involved in many criminal activities. Once he feels that his action was unnecessary and he refuses to carry out an assault, thus bringing him in the bad books of Rana, who now wants him dead. Rajan goes to Jaleel, Rana's rival, and seeks his protection, and is welcomed with open arms. Thus begins Rajan's new life, he outshines the others in his diligence and loyalty to Jaleel and is soon regarded as his right-hand man. Rajan meets with Jyoti and both fall in love, but Jyoti wants Rajan to give up all criminal activities. Rajan tries to do so, is arrested and held in prison. It is then he realizes that he may face life in prison, changes his mind and returns to Jaleel and crime. Shortly thereafter he starts to feel that things would be better if Jaleel and Rana give up their differences and become allies. Both are reluctant, but he lures them to meet, and they do so. Both protagonists are unwilling to bow down before the other, and pretty soon an argument ensues. Rajan must now decide what's to happen - he has a choice - he can kill either one and earn his loyalty to the other - or he can kill both of them and become the unchallenged leader of both the gangs.

6. Heer Ranjha (1992)

Attached Image

Directed by
Harmesh Malhotra

Tinnu Anand .... Peer baba
Rakesh Bedi .... Lutan
Pankaj Dheer .... Sultan
Mangal Dhillon .... Deedho's brother
Rajan Haksar
Anil Kapoor .... Deedho/Ranjha
Goga Kapoor .... Deedho's dad
Shammi Kapoor .... Heer's dad
Satyen Kappu
Anupam Kher .... Kahedo
Kunika .... Bhigo
Madhu Malhotra
Aloka Mukherjee
Gufi Paintal .... Kazi
Priti Sapru (as Preety Sapru)
Sushma Seth .... Heer's mom
Sridevi .... Heer

Music: Laxmikant Pyarelal

A newer version of the popular love story of Heer (Sridevi) and Deedho (Anil Kapoor), who calls himself Ranjha, after leaving his house, and living incognito in Heer's village as a labourer in her father's (Shammi Kapoor) house. Heer and Deedho were childhood sweethearts, separated because of family animosities, which have grown over the years, and kept on the boil by Kaheda (Anupam Kher), who leg was irreparabily fractured by Deedho's family and friends. "Rabh ne banaya tujhe mere liye mujhe tere liye..." is not only hummable, but a sound for sore ears. See this movie again, may not be good as the older version of Raaj Kumar and Priya Rajvansh, but has it's good points.

7. Mera Haque (1986)

Attached Image

Directed by
Ajay Kashyap

Music: Anu Malik

Sanjay Dutt .... Prince Amar Singh
Anita Raj .... Bijli
Gulshan Grover .... Diwan's son
Bindu .... Ranimaa
Raza Murad .... Jaggu Dada/Inspector Khan
Ramesh Deo .... Diwanji
Jagdish Raj .... Police Inspector
Shakti Kapoor .... Dhartiprasad
Urmila Bhatt .... Amar's dadimaa

Aristocratic Amar Singh is the heir to his princely estate, left behind by late father, who had re-married a cruel and calculating woman, Ranimaa, and has been mismanaging the estate for her own personal gain, with the help of her brother, Dhartiprasad, her Diwan and his son. When she finds out that Amar is interfering in this process, she has him killed by planting a time-bomb in his car. After sometime, differences arise between Ranimaa and Dhartiprasad, and Dhartiprasad is asked to leave. Alone, homeless, and alcoholic, Dhartiprasad comes across a look-alike of Amar Singh, whose name is Amru Dada, a hoodlum. Dhartiprasad persuades Amru to impersonate Amar, and takes him to the palace, where both are able to prove that he is the real prince, who had somehow survived the accident. None of them know that Amru has an agenda of his own, and has not intention of sharing any of his new-found wealth and status with any one.

8. Thanedaar (1990)

Attached Image

Directed by
Raj N. Sippy

Music: Bappi Lahiri


Jeetendra .... Avinash Chandar
Sanjay Dutt .... Brijesh Chandar (Birju)
Jayapradha .... Sudha Chandar (as Jaya Prada)
Madhuri Dixit .... Chanda
Kiran Kumar .... Thakur Azghar Singh
Goga Kapoor .... Lawrence
Tej Sapru .... Peter
Mahesh Anand .... Mangal
Satish Shah .... Rangeele (The Cook)
Paintal .... Hawaldar Dukhiram
Sharat Saxena .... Sunny
Harish Patel .... Hawaldar Bechare
Viju Khote .... Hawaldar Khushiram
Mahavir Shah .... Killer
Dalip Tahil .... Jagdish Chandar

Honest and diligent Police Inspector Jagdish Chandra (Dalip Tahil), while carrying out his investigation against Ajghar Singh (Kiran Kumar) is killed by an assailant (Mahavir Shah) hired through the Peter (Tej Sapru) and Lawrence (Goga Kapoor) by Ajghar Singh. Leaving behind two young boys, one of whom, Brijesh kills the assailant, and is taken-in by Peter and Lawrence to further their ends. The other son, Avinash is adopted by the police commissioner, and grows up (Jeetendra) to be a police inspector like his dad. Brijesh (Sanjay Dutt) meanwhile has just been released from prison, and after attempting to rob a jewellery store, he flees with his girlfriend, Chanda (Madhuri Dixit) to the same village where his dad lived. On the way there, he mistakenly throws Avinash out of the train after a fight. Once in the village, he assumes the identity of Avinash and starts lording over the villagers, and taking bribes from Ajghar Singh. Things start getting complicated when Avinash's wife, Sudha (Jayapradha) arrives there to look for her husband; and when Chanda is molested by Ajghar and his men, forcing Brijesh to take a stand, aided with a mysterious masked horse-rider, or alternatively leave the village and go back to the city. Ajghar will go to any lengths to get Brijesh out of the village, even to the extend of re-hiring Peter and Lawrence, to carry out this task.

9. Yalgaar (1992)

Attached Image

Directed by
Feroz Khan

Music: Channi Singh

Feroz Khan .... Rajesh Ashwini Kumar
Sanjay Dutt .... Vishal Singhal
Kabir Bedi .... Raj Pratap Singhal (as Kabeer Bedi)
Manisha Koirala .... Meghna Kumar
Nagma .... Anu Singhal (Vishal's wife)
Mukesh Khanna .... Mahendra Ashwini Kumar
Vicky Arora .... Vicky Malhotra/Singhal
Vishwajeet Pradhan .... Jaichand (as Bishwajeet Pradhan)
Deepti Naval .... Sunita (Deepak's wife)
Manjeet Kullar (as Manjit Kular)
Maya Alagh .... Bharati Singhal (as Maya Alag)
Neena Gupta .... Kaushalya Kumar
Mohan Bhandari .... Police Insp. Deepak

Two childhood friends grow up to be on the opposite sides of law, one an Additional Police Commissioner, Mahendra Ashwini Kumar (Mukesh Khanna), and the other a crime lord, Raj Pratap Singhal (Kabir Bedi). An associate of Singhal kills the son of Mahendra, and his other son, Rajesh (Feroz Khan), also a police officer, swears to avenge the death. Mahendra's deceased son leaves behind a widow, Kaushalya (Neena Gupta) and a daughter, Meghna (Manisha Koirala). On a chance meeting, Meghna meets with Vicky Malhotra (Vicky Arora), and eventually both in love with each other. The Kumars are introduced to Vicky, and they approve of him. Mahendra is then promoted as the Commissioner of Police, and is subsequently killed by another associate of Singhal. With the police closing in on Singhal, he decides to re-locate to Dubai, U.A.E. with his wife (Maya Alagh), son (Sanjay Dutt), daughter-in-law Anu (Nagma), and he arranges the abduction of Meghna to ensure his safety from Rajesh's wrath. It is than Meghna comes to know that Vicky is really the other son of Singhal, and who now has started showing his true colours.

This was another flop of Sanjays career, probably due to the fact Vicky Arora who was a good dancer but awful actor over shadowed sanjay's character in the film. Mukesh Khanna's role would have suited Feroz Khan better.

10. Thikana (1986)

Attached Image

Directed by
Mahesh Bhatt

Music: Kalayanji Anandji


Smita Patil .... Shashi Goel
Anil Kapoor .... Ravi Goel
Amrita Singh .... Shaila
Suresh Oberoi .... Police Inspector Ranbir Singh
Rohini Hattangadi .... Mrs. Goel (Ravi's mom)
Avtar Gill .... Rane, MP
Madan Jain .... Cameraman Avinash
Satish Kaushik .... Chakradhari (Teashop owner)
Anupam Kher .... Anwar Ali (friendly appearance)
Suhas Bhalekar
Yunus Parvez .... Man wanting to marry young girl.
C.S. Dube .... Man raped his young maid. (as C.S. Dubey)
Arvind Joshi
Suresh Bhagwat .... Drunk
Rita Rani Kaul

Unemployed, alcoholic slacker lawyer Ravi Goel's life has no meaning and direction until his to-be brother-in-law, Police Inspector Ranbir Singh, offers his frank advise, and instructs him to improve himself so that he and his (Ravi's) sister, Shashi, can finally get married. Ravi gives up drinking, and starts practicing law. He meets with a dancer named Shaila and both fall in love. He finds out that Shaila's brother, Avinash, is missing, and assists her in finding him. He does find him or rather his ashes in a crematorium. This news devastates Shaila, and Ravi takes it upon himself to find the killer. The clue apparently lies in Avinash's swimming pool locker, a video-tape that will throw new light on Ravi, his family, and the killers - who are not only known to Ravi, but also hold powerful and influential positions in the city. Ravi knows that his next step could make him better or he could regress back into being an alcoholic again.

Indian film industry. Mahesh Bhatt's direction is mind blowing and the script is one of the best I have seen! After every few reels, it gives you a twist that makes you start pondering!

Anil Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Suresh Oberoi, Rohini Hattangadi are all simply superb! Definitely in Mahesh Bhatt's top 3 movies!
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